Flokii can be of great help in improving your position on search engines. Here’s how:

Create a Business in the Directory

When you create a business in the directory (tab "businesses"), your business will generally be indexed within 30 days by the major search engines.

One of the great advantages of Flokii is that, unlike Google, for example, you do not need to have a business address to create your business. For example, if you are located in Boston, your business does not have a physical address, and you are not willing to provide your residential address, when you create your business, in the address field, you can simply put “Boston, MA, USA” and optionally your zip code if you wish to be a bit more precise about your geographical location.

Points to Consider:

  • Be as detailed as possible in the description of your business, and use original text while repeating the main keywords a few times (your business name, its geographical location, what it sells).
  • Add photos, several if possible, with an elaborate caption before saving your photos.
  • Include your opening hours and the time zone; this is very important.

Insert Photos

Search engines love photos, especially the descriptions you write when you publish the photos. A photo without a detailed description will give you almost nothing. However, specifying in detail what is in the photo or the message you want to convey will result in high indexing of your photo and its content.

Insert Videos

Just like photos, search engines are fond of videos. But, as with photos, a video without a detailed description will give you almost nothing. Specifying in detail what is in the video or the message you want to convey will result in high indexing of your video and its content.

For both photos and videos, do not skimp on the description, tags, and captions before saving them to upload online.

Blogs and Topics

Blogs and topics are important, but less so than the previous three points. Two very important basic rules regarding blogs and topics:

  • Create original text.
  • Take a few keywords and repeat them several times in your text.


Q&A is important but only if your question is very specific. For example, asking what activities are available in the USA will not earn you any indexing or, if it does, you will only be on page 150 or 200 of the search results, so no one will see you. But ask instead: “Activities to do at Battery Park, Manhattan, New York, NY, USA, during the week of December 2-6, 2024?” This will ensure you are much better indexed. If the answer to your question is an event you are organizing at Battery Park during that week, you will ensure you get several views.


Just like the Q&A section, be precise and detailed. In the description, repeat the same keywords several times, write an authentic text, and describe abundantly what there will be to do or see during your activity.

By following these tips, you will maximize your chances of significantly improving your visibility on search engines with Flokii.



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