The court of the Wei Dynasty

I'm not drunk, on the contrary, I'm sober. I really hate, I hate being born in the court, I hate being a princess. I hate that I have a mother who abandoned her husband and daughter, and I hate that I have a father who never treated me like a daughter. What do I have but a worthless title of princess? I have nothing, but even so, I must accept the fate of being a princess, as the sacrifice of marriage. Looking at her self-pitying appearance, Zhao Hongrun could not help feeling a little distressed and could not help persuading her: "Doesn't Sister Huang still have my younger brother?" Princess Yulong was stupefied. She raised her head with a complicated expression and said, "I hate you, too, Hongrun." "What?"? Hate me? Zhao Hongrun asked incredibly. Princess Yulong laughed miserably and murmured, "Shouldn't I hate you?" During the Dragon Boat Festival, I sat alone by the pool. At that time, I had been appointed and accepted the unfairness imposed on me by God, but you appeared and secretly took me away from the palace to feel the excitement outside the palace. It was you who opened the prison shackles of the palace and released me, which I had already appointed. “……” Zhao Hongrun opened his mouth and was speechless. Why are you taking me to the Yafeng Poetry Festival? Why did you deliver his letter? Why do you want to give me the illusion that I can still stay in the beam, at least in the capital where I was born and raised, and not be married to a neighboring country thousands of miles away? “……” Zhao Hongrun was silent. I remember that when he took Princess Yulong to his sixth brother Hongzhao's Yafeng Poetry Festival,Adhesive fish ruler, he did not think that in that poetry festival, He Xinxian would love Princess Yulong, and Princess Yulong did not dislike He Xinxian, a handsome young scholar with outstanding literary talent. Why did Zhao Hongrun think so long when He Xinxian asked him to pass the letter to Princess Yulong? Because he knew that Princess Yulong had been locked up in the palace since childhood, and had almost no chance to contact the outside world. Whether it was He Xinxian or Li Xinxian, or Zhang Xinxian, any one of them kept a certain period of correspondence with Princess Yulong,Wheel tape measure, Princess Yurong would gradually fall in love with him. After all, she was just a 15-year-old girl who was not deeply involved in the world. When she was young and ignorant, With time and effort, anyone can make her fall in love. But it happened that Zhao Hongrun could not, because Princess Yulong was his half-sister. As a result, Zhao Hongrun finally chose He Xinxian. He thought that this young scholar who valued love and righteousness should be the ideal husband of Princess Yulong, but facts proved that his choice was wrong. Perhaps in this era, apart from Zhao Hongrun, no one will take feelings so seriously. "It's really not a good way to rely on others.." Zhao Hongrun sighed secretly and sincerely lamented that his idea was too idealistic after all. I'm sorry Zhao Hongrun said in a low voice to apologize to Princess Yulong in front of him. Nope As soon as she said a word, Princess Yulong's face showed the color of pain: "Hong Run, my head is so painful, more and more painful.." Dizzy. As soon as Zhao Hongrun heard this, he knew it was the staying power of the wine. Looking at her uncomfortable appearance, he blamed her with some heartache: "I just told you to drink less!" Take a rest in the carriage? Don't move, fish measuring tape ,Walking measuring wheel, don't move. Dizziness.. Princess Yulong shook her head, only to feel that the sky was spinning in front of her eyes, and there was a strong sense of vomiting in her abdomen, and it was not easy to press it down. She put her hands on Zhao Hongrun's shoulders, shaking her left and right, as if she would fall down at any time and anywhere. See this, Zhao Hongrun also dare not move. I don't know how long it took, but Princess Yulong seemed to be better. She looked at Zhao Hongrun in a daze and continued what she had just wanted to say: "Hongrun doesn't have to apologize to me. It's my fault." I'm the one who's been complaining.. I understand, Hong Run, you are good to Huang Jie. Said, she slightly close to Zhao Hongrun, right hand gently stroked Zhao Hongrun's face, Jiao panting whispered: "From beginning to end, Hongrun has been accompanied by me.." Sometimes I wonder if you.. Or me, there is a person who was not born in the palace. That's all right. But in this way, I'm afraid you won't come to enlighten me, will you? "" Said, she also did not know how to think, gently kissed on Zhao Hongrun's lips. 『……』 Zhao Hongrun was stupefied, and immediately felt a little soft on his lips. He opened his eyes wide in astonishment and lost his mind for a moment. At that moment, the softness on her lips disappeared, and Princess Yulong put her hands on his shoulders, lowered her head, and vomited all over him. 『……』 Zhao Hongrun opened his mouth and did not know what to say, but subconsciously patted her back with his hand. Hong Run, I'm so dizzy. It's so uncomfortable. "Help.." Help Sister Huang to rest in the carriage. Zhao Hongrun ordered Zong Wei with a wooden face. The Zongwei people hurriedly stopped the carriage, helped Princess Yulong into the carriage, let her lie down, and covered her with bedding. During this period, Zhao Hongrun could not help touching his lips lightly with his fingers. Immediately, he lowered his head and looked at the filth all over his body. He shook his head and sighed. I told you to drink less and ruin my clothes. At this time, Zong Wei Shen Yu got out of the carriage and said to Zhao Hongrun, "Your Highness, the princess is asleep." Would you like someone to prepare some sobering tea? Otherwise, when the princess wakes up with a hangover tomorrow, I'm afraid she'll have a splitting headache. Next to them, the rest of Zong Wei also nodded repeatedly. After all, they are often hangover drinkers, usually in the palace to endure the wine bug can not, but as long as there is a chance, nine times out of ten will be drunk, will not wake up the next day headache. Therefore, these people are very experienced with hangovers. Let's wait until the rain stops. Come and have a drink with me first. You didn't have a chance to drink just now, did you? The Zongwei people smiled and immediately came around the stone table,Walking tape measure, after all, they knew that their royal Highness could drink. Your Highness, he Xinxian that fellow has not broken the appointment. What about Princess Yulong? 。
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