You are my gentle devil (whole txt)

"Hey, is that a reason?" Kim Min-ho felt like he was going to faint. Of course it's a reason, because I did something bad, so I should meet the devil. She is a lifeless look, so that Kim Min-ho looked uncomfortable. What did you do? It's doubtful that such a stupid brain can do bad things. Don't talk to me if I don't tell you. She had no strength left to quarrel with him. Is it? Then I'll ignore you. I'm going to find Yuexi Xuejie. As soon as Kim Min-ho took a step, he was pulled by Yang Cheng. No, you can't go to Yuexi. Yang Cheng lowered his head so that people could not see her expression clearly. Why, anyway, it's none of your business that I'm looking for Yuexi Xuejie, but now I want to make Yuexi Xuejie interested. Kim Min-ho thought she finally had a reaction, but found her holding his hand trembling slightly. Please, don't go to her. Yang Cheng's voice choked with sobs. You Kim Min-ho's words stopped because he saw Yang Cheng's tears. If brother Tianyu sees it, he will be very painful, it's all my fault. Purr Tears seem to be broken pearls, pouring on the ground, people want to stop it too late. What's the matter with you, duckling? It turned out that Yang Cheng, with a smile all over his face, would cry so sadly. I'm fine. Trying to stop crying, but found more tears gushing out,Pi tape measure, "I didn't do anything, I didn't cry.." "Duckling." What's the matter with you? Why is there a place in his heart that is slightly touched, and somewhere there is pain. ————————o(∩_&capo—————— After a few days, Kim Min-ho did not know what happened to Yang Cheng? See is her listless figure, also have Kang Yuexi and cold sky domain more and more worried expression, but Yang Cheng still did not say a word to the person. He also made frequent mistakes in singing. Every time I see Yang Cheng, Jin Minhao's heart is slightly distressed. Duckling. Kim Min-ho couldn't help looking for her and didn't want to see her face again. Uh Yang Cheng should actually, usually must be noisy, Kim Min-ho intuition this is not a good phenomenon. What's bothering you? Kim Min-ho asked, frowning. Didn't I tell you to leave me alone? It's none of his business what's bothering her. Why bother her? It's strange. I don't want to talk to you either, Fiberglass tape measure ,tape measure clip, but Yuexi is worried about you, so I came to ask you. Jin Minhao took Kang Yuexi out as a shield. Since Jin Xueqing helped him analyze his emotional problems with Kang Yuexi, he easily accepted the fact that he was shocked by her singing for a while, so he felt much more comfortable. I don't have anything to worry about, okay? Yang Cheng roared angrily. I'll believe what you say. You think I'm a fool! Kim Min-ho gave her a dirty look. Don't meddle in the affairs of your senior sister. He's just a junior, but he's always nosy. I don't admit that you are my senior sister. Although Yang Cheng is usually like a child is one of the reasons why he does not want to be called a senior sister, but more is that he does not want to. I'm older than you. I'm a grade higher. It was so annoying that she was already in a bad mood, which made her more irritable than usual. Yes, yes, I admit you are older than me. Jin Minhao also showed his child's mind unintentionally, and actually quarreled. You I don't want to talk to you. Yang Cheng turned his head and ignored him. Um. Then I'll go and find Yuexi. "No." "If you tell me what happened." Kim Min-ho decided to force her to speak out, after all, this kind of stuffy in the heart, but will be more painful. Is that a threat? Yang Cheng's face bulged. To some extent, it should be said. Jin Minhao did not feel threatened, because he would not really go to Kang Yuexi, but since Yang Chengxin, then he had no way, "not to say, then I went." Kim Min-ho felt like he was coaxing a child, when he became so patient, usually he was too lazy to pay attention to these things. I Did I say that you would tell them? She looked at him suspiciously. Do I look like a gossip? Kim Min-ho said discontentedly. Not like. She shook her head seriously. That's more like it. Just admit that she has a little taste. "Like a devil with a long tongue." She spoke with an air of seriousness. Kim Min-ho couldn't help showing a black line. Could it be that in her eyes he couldn't get rid of the relationship with the devil? Don't change the subject. Kim Min-ho won't fall for it. It was discovered, hehe. She laughed a few times with a guilty conscience, and her face darkened again. "I may be a devil, too." "Hm?" Why are you involved with the devil again? I destroyed the happiness of Yuexi and Tianyu's brother. Yang Cheng's voice became choking again. What happened? Listening to her voice like that, Kim Min-ho would really feel uncomfortable. It's all my fault. Yang Cheng told Kim Min-ho the whole story. Although they quarreled all day, they still felt that Kim Min-ho was a trustworthy person. "I don't know what to do all the time. I can't open my mouth if I want them to be together. I'm not qualified. I destroyed them." "Cry if you want to!" "I don't want you to see me cry for the second time." Yang Cheng bit his lip to keep the tears from falling. Then I'll go. Kim Min-ho doesn't want to leave her alone, but it's better to let her cry alone. ——————————o(∩_&capo—————— "Kim Min-ho, have you seen Xiao Cheng?" Just as he was about to walk back to the classroom, he met Kang Yuexi in the corridor. No Hasn't she returned to the classroom yet? Still crying? "Really? I don't know what's going on recently. She seems to like hiding alone." Kang Yuexi seems to be talking to himself, the tone is full of worry, "Maybe she has returned to the classroom, I have to go first." "Sister Yuexi,Fish measuring board, I have something to say to you about ducklings." Although promised, but still must say, "can change a place to say?" "Mmm." Kang Yuexi felt faintly uneasy in his heart.
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