Rebirth of the noble daughter of the merchant

Gumixi's expression immediately cooled down, unconsciously with a sense of coldness, looking at Carlos's expression suddenly changed, children's self-confidence is a good thing, but too confident is a disaster, sometimes disaster comes from the mouth. I'm interested. How did you get so much confidence at such a young age? You know, the four words "overrated" are generally used to describe people who are too confident. Gumixi retorted, anyway, now that she has the appearance of a 13- or 4-year-old girl, who cares about what she says? Carlos was regarded as a genius from an early age to cultivate people around him except teachers and parents. He had little contact with his peers. When those peers were playing, he was still learning lessons and practicing piano. Later, his parents allowed him to communicate with them and make friends with them, but they thought they were so shallow and vulgar that they simply disdained to associate with them. This time he met Gumixi, who looked younger than her,whirlpool hot tub, but his temperament was no less than that of the teacher who taught him etiquette, and he didn't want the little girl of the same age to say that she was wronged. You Opening his mouth, Carlos wanted to say something else, but he didn't know what to say. It was the first time he had been speechless. It was a very novel feeling. In short, he didn't hate it, but he still didn't want her to be so arrogant. You still have the real ability to say whether you agree to the bet between us or not. "Yes,China spa factory, I'll be waiting any time." Gumixi stretched lazily and squinted his big eyes. He was tired after such a long time. He didn't sit very much when he picked the piano just now. Now he felt his legs were a little tight. Good. My name is Carlos, and just so you don't think I'm a bully, I'll tell you what I play and the name of my teacher. Tomorrow I'll play Beethoven's Moonlight, and my teacher is Edward Stephen. When the little boy saw that Gumixi had agreed to his bet, he immediately let the bet stand. He wanted to see the girl he couldn't forget again, and he wanted to find out why he wanted to see her. Hearing the conversation between Carlos and Gumixi, Chang Feng frowned slightly. Children are like this. They always think they have enough ability. As a result, when they fail, they can realize how much weight they have. If it weren't for Gumixi's piano waiting for him upstairs, he would have walked away long ago. But what he didn't expect was that this kid was Edward Stephen's most proud disciple. With his father's reputation in the music industry, massage bathtub manufacturers ,hot tub wholesale, he had met Edward Stephen twice. He was a very arrogant man. He heard his father say that his piano skills were excellent. Unfortunately, his character was too arrogant to let him stay where he was and could not go on. The line of sight suddenly falls on Carlos, Chang Feng has some calculation in his heart, since he is a direct disciple of Master Carlos, then there must be two points of ability. Gumixi nodded indifferently to show that she knew, then turned her head and looked at Chang Feng with a kind of eager eyes. She wanted to try her piano now. The woman standing beside Carlos was very happy. In her opinion, the genius Carlos had already won. As long as Carlos wanted to, he was sure to let the little girl taste the feeling of failure completely, because Master Carlos was the most talented person in the family's generation. There are two days before the official opening of the Central Music Hall. I want to challenge you solemnly there. If you lose, the store will disappear completely from here. Carlos finished and turned away, looking like he didn't give Gumixi any room for manoeuvre. Gumixi mouth twitched, this shop is not her, she can not make decisions ah, this can be a headache. Chang Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry. What Carlos said just now was said with the shop door wide open. Many people watching the scene of bustle outside knew that Edward Stephen's direct disciple was going to challenge a nameless little girl at night, and many people heard the last sentence. If he refused, he would have no face to stay. With a sigh, Chang Feng smiled apologetically at the onlookers, and then hung up the sign of temporary closure. He closed the door of the shop after everyone left. He couldn't stay out of the world even if it happened. His father's efforts could not be destroyed in his own hands. If his father knew about it, he would not be able to get better. Now he should take the time to see the level of Guqin of this little girl. Little girl, can you tell me which song you are most familiar with? Or what song do you know? Know yourself and your enemy, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat. This has always been Chang Feng's creed. Now the main problem is Gu Mixi. Just now he sent a signal to find out the origin of the little devil and see if he could find some useful information, but the little boy's master was Edward Stephen, and it might be difficult to win. Seemingly asked about the awkward place, Gumixi's body stiffened and then looked at Chang Feng, feeling a little blush. She knew nothing about Guqin. She played it several times and followed two songs casually on the Internet. The eloquence just now was also because she was angered by the other side. I I can't play the guqin. He spoke in a low voice with a guilty conscience. Chang Feng twitched at the corners of his mouth, turned his head and rubbed his forehead. How could he entrust such an important thing to a little girl, even if she didn't look like a child of 13 or 4? I don't know much Guqin, but it's enough to teach you. This is a music score. You have to master it thoroughly before tonight. Now this situation can not be replaced, Carlos that child must play Gumixi, if the substitution will be noisy, or wait to go back to the hotel and father to discuss what to do. I see. Gumixi took the book and put it in her arms. She looked at the scenery outside. It was getting dark. If she didn't go back, Angel wouldn't know how to worry. Then I'll go back first. Uncle Chang, the guqin is here in the existing house. I can't take it back myself. Chang Feng nodded,best whirlpool tub, waved his hand and went upstairs. Today is really a troublesome day. He should think about how to explain today to his father. Back at the hotel, Angel and Maxie had returned to the hotel for dinner, and they were talking in the room.
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