The night does not speak the mysterious file 1-4, oneself painstakingly arranges, as of July 18, 2011.

※ There are two reasons why it is said to be one of the means to lure people into membership: First, because it is said that the Ark of the Covenant contains the "Ten Commandments" written by God himself, and religious fanatics have been pursuing it; second, modern non-mainstream science believes that if the Ark of the Covenant really exists, perhaps there is a kind of radiation energy inside, which can even prove the existence of aliens and that they have come to Earth. Feverish science is also frantically looking for it. Freemasons have been searching for the Ark of the Covenant for thousands of years and have the advantage of information, so both mad scientists and religious zealots will join the Freemasons under the temptation of "finding the Ark of the Covenant.". Chapter 8 Forbidden Space (Medium) In fact, I don't believe in fate all the time. Some people say that fate is a spiral energy body, in which every creature's life and opportunity are constantly rotating, reality and non-reality, in fact, are only separated by a wall. This time I really felt the truth of this sentence. When I woke up, I was lying alone in a hard and dark place. The moment before the bomb exploded, it seemed that the whole two-story villa was overturned. That was definitely not what the power of that small plastic bomb could do. Perhaps the explosion inspired the mysterious power of the basement, and then produced a comprehensive reaction. But fortunately, the earth should not be destroyed because of my fault, at least,Whirlpool bathtub, I am still alive. I felt it in the dark with my hands. The ground was very rough and it was very uncomfortable to lie down. So I stood up. His body was chilly, his clothes were all stripped clean by the explosion, and even the military backpack he was carrying was gone. My eyes gradually adapted to the darkness, subconsciously looking at the body, even if there is no one around, I feel a little shy. Shit! I didn't even leave my underwear. 。 The explosion was so weird that it only stripped my clothes, but it didn't hurt my body. Should I be happy or depressed? It's really confusing. 。 Rubbing my eyes slightly,endless pool swim spa, I turned my head and looked around, and was soon shocked by the scene around me. The roof of the two-story villa in the cow pasture was like a broken building block, slightly tilted on the cold ground of the strange cave, while the two floors below had long disappeared. I was in a strange cave. Where the hell is this? Is it because of the explosion? He blew a big hole in the basement, and the whole house fell into the underground cave? But no matter how I think about it, I can't figure it out. It's reasonable to say that if the house falls down, it will start from the foundation, and it won't become such a ghost at all. Why is there only the roof left, and where are the two floors below the house? Strange Even if the house collapses, the dead will still see the body. The nearby caves were clean all around, with only some grotesque rocks, and there was no sign of the broken walls left after the collapse of the house. Not only could we not see the shadow of those things, indoor endless pool ,american hot tub, but we could not even find a brick nearby. I picked up a small stone nearby at random. The surface of the stone was dark and smooth. It was a little unnatural. It seemed that it had been hit by high temperature and the surface was vitrified. I'm getting more and more confused. Looking at the topography, it is difficult to form such a cave unless the groundwater has been washed away for hundreds of thousands of years, but the topography of Siberia determines that it is difficult to accommodate a huge amount of groundwater, although its surface is always covered with ice and snow. I'm afraid what happened to me was not the collapse caused by the explosion, after all, there was no one else around except me. Leaving aside the Freemasons who came to stop me, the chaperone must have had enough speed to run into the house. But now the situation is that the roof of the house is with me, the other part is missing, and I'm naked. Since an explosion could have brought the roof here with me, the people around the house must have been affected. Just, where did they go? This can only explain a problem, must be because of some kind of imagination completely unexpected reason, the small villa was cut off, moved to this inexplicable place! It's possible! And I'm afraid I'm far from the only one affected by the disaster. 。 Rescue workers can not wait, now their own, can only save themselves! Besides, the only person who wants to save me is the guardian girl. The Freemasons don't care if I live or die. There was a trace of determination on my face. I must go out and get out of this cave, whether for myself or for Li Mengyue. She must be looking for me like crazy right now! If I'm not in her sight for a long time, The guardian woman's mood will become very unstable, perhaps, she will kill everyone around her. At that time, the contradiction between himself and the Freemasons will become irreconcilable. Alas, the situation is really bad and can't be worse! I looked around again, but I still couldn't find anything. Finally, I gave up. It seemed that I could only go out naked. The ground was very hard, and there were many sharp stones, and the bare feet were painful to step on. It was not easy to walk dozens of steps, and suddenly I felt something on my right foot. I lowered my head and picked it up. I couldn't help being overjoyed. It turned out to be a small submachine gun. Most importantly, beside the gun, there was a group of green colors lying quietly in the dark. It was a box containing nine orifices of jade. I turned on the safety of the gun and slanted the strap firmly on my shoulder. In this unknown place, with a gun, life is more secure. As for the nine orifices jade, his whole body naked, no place to carry, can only be held on the left hand. Subconsciously pulled the slightly loose backpack, looked back at the red roof behind me, sighed slightly, and I firmly took one step after another, and finally went deep into the darkness. Turning on the tactical flashlight on the gun,hot tub manufacturers, the light of an orchid pierced the darkness of the cave ahead. Although there was no end in sight, it was much better to have light to see the surrounding situation than to be trapped in complete darkness, at least with a lot of courage.
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