My little sun.

When Liu Xuyang was eating, he was still thinking about looking for Chen Zhihao's advice when he went back. Now he looked at Hu Xinyi's gallant appearance and curled his lips. No, no, he doesn't want to have no human rights in the future. Out of the restaurant, Chen Zhihao said goodbye to everyone, saying that he wanted to send Hu Xinyi back. As he spoke, he tentatively put his arm around Hu Xinyi's shoulder. As a result, Hu Xinyi only lowered her head slightly and did not avoid him. Ha ha ha ha, he thinks he is really a winner in life! Chen Zhihao grinned and hugged Hu Xinyi and walked away. Liu Xuyang looked at their backs with envy and thought. Tracing the cause together in his ear to the sentence, "envy also go after ah." Liu Xuyang pushed him away, took a look at Qiaonan not far away, and whispered, "Who envies him?" Tracing the cause toward Qiaonan's back nu nu mouth, "I and a Hao but junior high school to see the clue of you two." "Where was the clue in junior high school?" Liu Xuyang subconsciously said. Have your own heart is clear. "Tracing the cause of laughter, let go of the voice," Qiao Nan goodbye cough, I and you are different way, I have to hurry home. " Qiaonan should turn around, toward tracing the cause shook his hand to say goodbye, and then stood waiting for Liu Xuyang approached. When he slowly approached, she tugged at the hem of his clothes. "Let's go home quickly, too." . After a few days, Liu Xuyang couldn't help it. Finding a time to finish class, he ran to Lu Xun's class to find him. There are 13 classes in the first year of senior high school, the first five classes are on the second floor,whirlpool hot tub, and the other classes are on the first floor. He is in Class 5, on the second floor, and Lu Xun is in Class 8, on the first floor. Jonan, Class 6, is also on the first floor. Mingming was almost in the same class. Liu Xuyang to tracing the cause of the class around, did not see tracing the cause. Tracing the cause is not in class. He was ready to go back, and when he got to the top of the stairs, he suddenly thought of Jonan. Then he turned back. Qiao Nan is discussing things with several class cadres. She was elected as the commissary in charge of studies by the teacher this semester. The first year of senior high school will soon be divided into liberal arts and science classes. In order to enable students to establish deeper feelings and leave good memories with the students who will be separated, a class song competition will be held at the end of this month. Jonan and several other class cadres have been discussing what song to choose as their class song these two days. The Monitor said, "Among these songs, I still think Life in Full Bloom is the best." League secretary Wu Anan opposed, outdoor endless pool ,endless swimming pool, "I think Invisible Wings is the best!" Qu yuan sat on the table with a half-smile. "What do you think of Jonan?" Qu yuan is a member of the entertainment committee, and he is responsible for the song selection and rehearsal of the class song competition. Jonan bit his lip, "I think, the first dream, boys and girls like it." Qu yuan smiled, jumped off the table, reached out and knocked Qiaonan's forehead, "I agree with Qiaonan, let's vote!" Jonan puffed out his face and covered his head. "It hurts!" Qu yuan laughed. "I'm sorry, it's a little heavy." Hu Xinyi has always loved painting and is a member of the propaganda committee. She immediately said, "I also agree with Qiao Nan!" Then he stared at Qu yuan, "Qu yuan, the great poet!"! Be careful what you say and do. Can you knock our Jonan's head? "Oh, alas!" Qu yuan casually cooperated. Standing in the doorway, Liu Xuyang, who happened to see them fighting, agreed with Hu Xinyi. Wow, does Jonan have a head he can knock! He has a little impression of the boy. Class 5 and Class 6 have physical education together. He will pay attention to it next time. He turned to go back to his class. Ah! Liu Xuyang! As soon as he took a step, someone behind him called him in a loud voice full of surprise. It's a girl. Liu Xuyang looked back and frowned. "Who are you?" Who are you looking for in our class? I'm Chen Zhao from Class 6. I see you playing basketball every time in PE class. The girl blushed and shyly. Liu Xuyang subconsciously looked through the window in the direction of Qiao Nan and found that Qiao Nan was looking at him in surprise. The Qu yuan beside her also looked at this side, with the same expression as her. Liu Xuyang felt a little uncomfortable and said with a cold face, "No, I passed by." Then he turned around and walked away. Chen Zhao Leng Leng, their class in the most corner, how to pass by. Then she untied herself again, and the handsome man even passed by in an unusual way. She turned back to the class, just in time to see Jonan and his group gathered together, and she leaned over. Hey, did you see Liu Xuyang standing outside our classroom just now? Handsome, huh? Sunshine, right? She pointed to herself with her thumb, "My God!" "I see it!"! It's really handsome. Wu Anan echoed, "Why did he come to the door of our class? Who did he come to?" Chen Zhao rolled his eyes. It's for me! You didn't see us talking outside. Another schoolgirl: "Awesome Chen Zhao, when did you know?" "How can I tell you." Zhao Meimei could not bear to see her bragging and said in a loud voice, "Come on, just brag." Chen Zhao glared at Zhao Meimei, "you are jealous of me!" "I need to be jealous of you, our Qiao Nan Tiantian." Qiao Nan pulled Zhao Meimei's sleeve. Zhao Meimei paused, "Hum, I don't care about you." He shook off his braids and went back to his seat. Qu yuan looked at the argument of several girls and curled his lips at Qiao Nan: "Very handsome?" He pointed to himself. "I think I'm more handsome than him. What do you think, Jonan?" Jonan: "Well …" She smiled and returned to her seat. . After another class, school was over in the afternoon. Liu Xuyang stuffed the book into the drawer and walked out of the classroom. As a result,endless pool factory, he met tracing the cause at the stairway entrance. I heard you just came to see me? "Well.." Liu Xuyang is thoughtful. Tracing the cause patted him, "what am I looking for?" "I want to ask you." Liu Xuyang reacted and reworded, "I want to ask what you said before." "What did I say?" "You said you were chasing Jonan or something." Liu Xuyang is not natural.
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