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Maritime Lawyers for Cargo and Tugboat Accidents in Long Beach

The Port of Long Beach is a gateway to Asia, generating about $100 billion a year. With this port’s busyness, it employs thousands of inhabitants in Los Angeles County. The port’s industrial complex houses cargo terminals, wharves, railyards, roadways, sea channels, and bridges. Additionally, the port is a vast and bustling infrastructural city exemplifying the aesthetics of the machine age. Lights are brighter here than in the towns surrounding it. Long Beach is also a famous tourist destination with several beaches and water-related activities like watching cruise ships, boarding the Queen Mary and basking on sandy beaches.   Jones Act Lawyer

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As ideal as this place for commerce and tourism, it also has various accidents that lead to injuries.

Accidents and injuries in Long Beach

Tugboats are particular vessels that guide and assist massive ships in and out of the Port of Long Beach. They tow, push, and guide larger ships to navigate quickly when leaving and nearing the port. Tugboats and large vessels usually go together. Hence, when the ship gets into an accident, one can expect that there could be damage to the tugboat as well.

Long Beach in itself accumulates higher maritime traffic. This is especially evident along the Port of Long Beach, making injuries and accidents unavoidable. Such damages are so substantial that they can result in complex maritime law discussions.

What are the compensations victims can claim?

A maritime attorney can provide you with options depending on the situation. Significant claims can include huge amounts of money. However, fighting for these claims can be easier said than done. One needs a competent lawyer to make it work and get a desirable compensation.

For sure, maritime lawyers will provide options for you. However, there are some fundamental claims you can file in case of an accident in the Port of Long Beach. This specifically applies to the workforce.

Onboard Crew member injury claims

Those who got injured while on service must know they are subject to the Jones Act. The Act entitles crew members to a safe workplace. Crew members can file a claim once they incur injuries due to the employer’s negligence. Furthermore, they can have the vessel’s owner reliable, contributing to the damages.

Also, “maintenance and cure” benefits crew members who incurred injuries while at sea. The maintenance will serve as a daily stipend for their living expenses. Meanwhile, the cure shoulders the medical bill payments associated with the illness or injury.

Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensations Act

With how vast the Port of Long Beach is, one cannot expect that all accidents and injuries will only happen at sea. There are those whose work is still related to maritime, but not necessarily at sea. These individuals do not have the same claim options as crew members. However, they can opt for the LHWCA or the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. In case of work-related accidents and injuries, workers under the LHWCA can sue a negligent third party, like vessel owners.

What does it entail to be an excellent maritime injury lawyer?

Maritime law is complex, and one must hire the best maritime attorney. They must be under the following qualities:

Knowledgeable in maritime injury cases

Like how you consult a specialist when you feel something strange about your health, you must hire a maritime lawyer specializing in maritime cases. There might be general practice lawyers who have some knowledge of different laws. However, they might not be experienced enough to discuss the Jones Act and maritime laws in-depth.

Courtroom experience

In most cases, insurance companies and company lawyers defend maritime lawsuits. These lawyers will try to find ways to defend every issue in your maritime case. Furthermore, it usually involves arguing various motions in court. In fact, maritime cases and the Jone Act can lead until the point of the trial at which both parties reach a fair settlement. It is so exhausting that a lawyer with lesser courtroom experience might find it challenging to win the claim. Your lawyer must be experienced enough to fight and win your case and get the compensation you deserve.

Essential office resources

The success of the claim will not only depend on the maritime lawyer. It is a team effort with the participation of additional resources and the workforce in gathering the documents and information to solidify your claim. It would help if you had testimonies to prove your stand on trial. Other essential factors include securing work and medical records, gathering depositions from witnesses, and organizing documents to present them in court successfully. You see, it can be a lot to handle if only the maritime lawyer will do all of them. Ensure that your maritime lawyer has the most trusted and reliable team.

Dedicated to preparing for your case

Get a lawyer who aims to win the case. Not someone who takes your case but considers defeat as their option. As you can see, preparing for a case is never easy. Ask your maritime attorney if they can fully prepare your case to fight and win.

Win your claim with O’Bryan Maritime Lawyers

The laws concerning maritime injuries and accidents are complex. With O’Bryan Maritime Lawyers, you can ensure that our full knowledge of maritime laws will help your claims against the biggest ship owners. Also, our team is composed of experienced lawyers ready to prepare for and win your case. Besides the complexity of maritime laws, preparing for every trial can also be overwhelming. But with us, you can guarantee that we will be with you each step until you get the claim and compensation you deserve.

It can be a handful sometimes to think of your options to file your claim. However, trust O’Bryan Maritime Lawyers to offer consultation for you. You can reach out to us, and we will be glad to schedule a discussion with you as soon as possible. You need to fill out a quick form on our website to get started.





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