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A New Year typically means something different to every person but one thing it should certainly mean for many of our readers is a chance to consider what their needs will be for the year ahead, and what purchases they could make to ensure those needs are met. 


This brings us neatly to our range of men’s accessories here at Zawzor. What items do we have in stock in our store at the time of this blog post being written, that could help with a man’s day-to-day life – whether you will be buying something for yourself, or instead a man in your life? 


Below, we’ve picked out a selection. 


For cutting a cigar – a stainless steel cigar cutter 


If you know a man who likes a cigar, why not get them something stylish to cut it with? This twin blade, stainless steel, large gauge cigar cutter from the Artamis brand lends itself especially well to being presented as a gift, thanks to the classy box it comes in. 


Having said that, you could also – of course – simply treat yourself to one of these. 


For cutting a dash among football-mad friends – some cufflinks 


When you have a football-themed night out looming for after that big cup final, how could you resist making these cufflinks the finishing touch for your outfit? 


We have a complete range of themed cufflinks in our store, so even if you’re not a football person and you don’t know anyone who is, you’re sure to find something with the ideal aesthetic – whether for you or for that special guy. 


For maintaining good hygiene – some high-quality hand sanitiser 


We may no longer be at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it was certainly a situation that should have reminded you of the importance of keeping your hands sanitised to guard against the health risks posed by viruses and bacteria. 


Our Peppermint Grove hand sanitisers, though, aren’t just any old hand sanitisers. One nice touch with these hand sanitisers – which you can have in freesia and berries, patchouli and bergamot, and lemongrass and lime variants – is the use of PET plastic for the bottles as opposed to glass, which helps to enhance safety when there could be a risk of knocking the bottle over. 


For keeping footwear looking great – a shoe care kit 


This being the start of the year and the Christmas break now a mere memory for ‘9 to 5’ workers, you might be throwing yourself into some business trips or even job interviews. And when you do, you will want to ensure you look immaculately professional to everyone who sees you – including as far as your footwear is concerned. 


Or, naturally, there could be a man you know who is in one of the above situations. So, getting them this five-piece shoe care kit could be just the thing. Containing a shoe cloth, wood brush, shoe horn, clear polish and neutral polish, it packs in a lot for a price of just two tenners at the time of writing. And don’t forget the very presentable white-stitched barrel-shaped case it comes in, too. 


There you go – five examples of men’s accessories that you, or a certain man in your life, will be pleased to have when looking to make the most of 2023. Withdelivery also being free in the UK, you really do have little excuse not to take advantage of our latest alluring deals. 




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