Dubai Holidays - The Wonder City of the Desert

The UAE is an Middle Eastern country located between the Gulf of Oman and Saudi Arabia. The UAE was formed in 1971. UAE comprises seven states, the most notable of them being Dubai which is the focus of this article.

The UAE is among the most prosperous countries around the globe desert safari dubai, as a result of its huge oil reserves. When the world's demand for energy increased, UAE found itself in the rare position of sitting on top of huge oil reserves that would eventually feed its growth. Because of oil, the UAE is one of its most advanced technological countries in the world as well as having Dubai as the crowning jewel.

Dubai due to its position as a major hub of international commerce industry, (especially oil) has attracted foreigners in large numbers. Nowadays, nearly two-thirds of the Dubai population is made up of foreigners. Indians, Americans, Japanese, Chinese - Dubai's population is composed of people from all kinds of backgrounds. This makes Dubai an extremely cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Dubai due to its desert nature is extremely dry and hot temperatures. It seldom rains and, if it does rain, it's usually in the winters. It is sunny and clear most of the other seasons. With the advent of modern technology the hot weather may not have to be a consideration for future travellers or immigrants.

The capital of the UAE is Abu Dhabi, Dubai is most definitely the tourist and cultural tourist capital in the entire country. One distinctive characteristic that is unique to Dubai is the openness of its society, as well as the harmonious relationship between people from different ethnic backgrounds. Dubai stands as a wonder of modernity, a city of huge skyscrapers and malls in the middle of desert.

Dubai is an incredible destination for the casual tourist with an desire to shop. A city that is known as a place of malls, Dubai will entice the even the most skeptical of shoppers. With malls that cover several football fields, visitors will discover a lot of things to like in this city.

Dubai is an architectural city full of amazing sights. The towering skyscrapers that tower over the large boulevards, the vast marina, the extravagant hotels - all this can turn a person who loves modern architecture excited with joy.

Dubai is an excellent destination to enjoy a leisurely weekend with your partner to be with, whether for business or shopping, its cuisine and its diversity of ethnicities and harmonious.

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