The Top Six Applications for Aluminum Circle

In our daily lives and in our kitchen utensils, aluminum circles can be found in a variety of forms. What are some of the most common applications for aluminum circles? Let us take a look at this together.

Utensil holders made of aluminum circles
Aluminum is used in the manufacture of approximately half of the world's cooking utensils. Aluminum has a heat efficiency that is three times greater than that of stainless steel and cast iron, reaching 93%. In addition, it has exceptional corrosion resistance properties.

Haomei Aluminum can manufacture a wide range of hot-rolled aluminum circles for use in stamping, containers, utensils, and other applications. These circles have the advantages of high elongation and good anodizing effect, among other things.

Aluminum Circle for Use as a Road Marker
Aluminum circles used for road signs are typically made with the H14 semi-hard tempering process. The aluminum plate is first cut into the desired size by aluminium circle cutting equipment, and then the plate is recut into the desired size by the same equipment. We are one of the largest aluminium circle manufacturers in China, and we are capable of producing aluminum circles in a variety of sizes.

Discs made of aluminum for use in aircraft
In addition to having extremely high deformation strength and excellent mechanical and processing properties, aircraft aluminm discs have good plasticity after solid solution strengthening and a favorable heat treatment strengthening effect. They are the best structural materials available. The most popular are 2A12, 6061, 7075, and other alloys.



Track Circle Made of Aluminum
It accounts for approximately 76% of total aluminum consumption and is primarily used in the construction of main locomotives and auxiliary facilities for rail transportation.

Aluminum Discs for Use in Lightweight Automobiles
Reduced vehicle weight and reduced fuel consumption have become important directions for the green development of the automotive industry as a result of increasing pollution of the environment and the energy crisis. Statistics show that the weight of the vehicles is reduced by 10%, while the fuel consumption is reduced by 6%-8%, depending on the model and year. Aluminum is the lightest of the metals, weighing significantly less than steel and iron.

aluminium disc for Boats is made of aluminum.
The use of aluminum circles in the shipbuilding industry has been around for nearly a hundred years now. With the rapid development of the shipbuilding industry both domestically and internationally, the importance of ship weight reduction is becoming increasingly important.

Aluminum is an excellent material for use in the harsh environment of the ocean because of its low density, high strength, and excellent corrosion resistance. Furthermore, because the price of aluminum circles is relatively low, it is more cost-effective to construct ships out of aluminum.

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