Microsoft Office 2021 Launches On Windows 11 Day - Here's All The Latest Features

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The update for the subscription-free one-purchase version of the classic suite will be available on October 5 on the same day that the Windows 11 operating system roll out commences.

These are just a few of the features Microsoft Office 2021 customers can expect.

Real time-collaboration

The most important new feature is the ability to allow microsoft office 2021 users to gain access to the features of collaboration previously restricted to the Microsoft 365 subscription. It is powered by OneDrive that means that users will still need to save their documents on the cloud storage platform in order to share and work with others.

Collaboration with other people on the same document by using real-time coauthoring. There's no need to send additional emails or notes because everyone will be notified when a file is updated," Microsoft says in an article on its blog.

Microsoft Teams has arrived

Another feature previously the privilege of subscribers, Microsoft Teams comes to Office 2021. The feature is available in Windows 11 but Windows 10 users can also use it. The app supports chat, video calling and tools for planning.

New Windows 11-inspired design inspired by Windows 11.

Windows 11 will be available in the next few days. However, Windows 10 users will continue to benefit from design enhancements in office 2021. You can get a glimpse of it in the main pic above.


Microsoft declares: "You will notice a neutral color palette, softened corner edges of windows as well as refreshed tabs within the ribbon, and colourful presence indicator to ensure that you can easily see who's working on your document. By default, themes for apps will be synced with the Windows either in light or dark mode. Word, Excel and PowerPoint are all updated.

Other new Microsoft Office 2021 features

The advanced grammar rules, love 'em or hate 'em, are on the way, adding blue lines beneath your perfect sentences, and PowerPoint's presentation coach will be there too. Microsoft states that you'll be able to "modernize your Excel formulas" and "record PowerPoint slides with ease".

Office 2021 date of release and price

Office Home and Student 2021 costs from PS119.99/$149.99 USD for a one-time license that includes staples such Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, OneNote and the Teams messaging app.

It'll run on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 along with the three most up-to-date versions of macOS. It'll be available from October 5.

It would prefer that you utilize Microsoft 365. Here's the complete pitch from today's blog post: "Microsoft 365 is the most efficient way to gain access to the most recent apps and features to help keep you productive, safe, and connected. It's also the cheapest option, as you get 1TB of cloud storage, access to all apps across your devices, plus advanced security tools and many more. We've heard that some users prefer the subscription-free Office apps available for Mac as well as PC. This is why Office 2021 will be available.

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