Optical Brightening Agents in Major Industries

1) Detergent Industry: The biggest requirement of High Quality OBA  is in whitening the clothes and therefore, it’s no surprise that the detergent industry is the largest user of the fluorescent brighteners. As we all have experienced, clothes lose their natural whiteness over the course of time. That’s where optical brighteners come in not just to protect that whiteness, but also to enhance it by converting low-density colours to the ones with higher density.

2) Textile Industry: Another significant usage of the OBAs is in the textile industry where every cloth needs to be bleached before being processed as the raw material is full of impurities that come from pesticides, dust stuck to the fabric while transportation. And in fabrics sourced from animals impurities like animal fats, secretions, etc. need to be removed. However, bleaching doesn’t offer complete whitening, which leads to the necessary usage of Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs).

3) Paper Industry: We all want our papers to be as white as possible, don’t we? Well, that’s where optical brightening agents come in. The raw material of paper often consists of impurities such as snippets of bamboo sticks and wood. These impurities dampen the brightness of the paper and that’s why this sector creates a lot of opportunity for optical brightening agent manufacturers.

4) Other Industries: Apart from detergent, paper and textile industry, there are other industries where optical brightening agents suppliers supply OBAs. Unlike the above-mentioned industries, these industries make the use of the brightening property of brighteners. The plastic industry, the paint industry and the cosmetic industry are the leading examples of these industries.


Why Choose Us for Optical Brightening Agents?


We, at Sunwhite Chemicals, have been a leading optical brightening manufacturer and optical brightening supplier since 1977.

We’re based in the bustling city of Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat, one of the leading industrial states of India. Our aim has always been to provideour customers with the highest quality of chemicals while being ecologically sensitive and continuously innovative.

Our products are in accordance with the needs of a variety of industries such as Textiles, Paper, Detergents, Plastic, and many more. We have continuously witnessed the desired results and received positive feedback from our customers.

As optical brightening manufacturer and supplier, we aim to contribute positively to the Indian as well as global OBA market and continue our quest to become the leading manufacturer of this commodity globally.


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