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Is there a single store that you can turn to – and place your trust in – for your supply of tracing paper that is both well-made and highly competitively priced, for various applications? The short answer is yes! Here at Prizma Graphics, we are committed to providing a comprehensive range of 63gsm, 90gsm and 112gsm tracing paper, in an assortment of sizes.

Whether you are on the lookout for A1 tracing paper, or all manner of other A4 to A0 options in cut sheets or rolls for hand tracing and/or inkjet and laser printing, you can shop from us in the knowledge that we believe strongly in both quality and value.

What are the specific details of our tracing papers that make them so effective?

While you are welcome to browse our complete stock of A0, A4, A3, A2 and A1 tracing paper sheets and rolls to discover which products would be best matched to the purposes you have in mind, there are certain consistent qualities of our tracing papers that help them deliver results time and time again.

We make available highly calendared, smooth, and chlorine-free tracing paper that has been made from sustainable spruce, with 20% recycled paper. This particular tracing paper offers good archiving qualities, being acid-free and non-ageing.

It is also tracing paper that allows for an exceedingly broad range of possible uses. Our low-opacity tracing paper was originally designed with the needs of architects and designers in mind, for instance. And to this day, it continues to be used for industrial applications such as building construction and interior design, as well as for ‘lighter’ purposes such as leaflets, overlays, dividers, greeting cards, photographic and cinema diffused lighting effects, and more. 

Many people use tracing paper, of course, for manual drafting, including tasks such as the tracing of drawings and designs, ink, graphite and pencil drawings, and even traditional printing processes like letterpress, offset and silkscreen printing. In addition, our tracing paper can be indispensable paper for CAD overlays and final presentation work, producing satisfyingly sharp, black lines.

Our tracing papers also represent excellent media for laser or inkjet printing

If you have laser printing or inkjet printing in mind for your chosen tracing paper, our own media in this category will, again, help to produce impressive results. Putting our A0, A4, A3, A2 or A1 tracing paper through a wide-format inkjet plotter or printer can give you good outcomes in terms of line and text, although with higher-density papers not absorbing as much ink as alternative options, there may be a need to allow a longer time to dry.

Even if you have a plain paper copier, you could achieve high-quality print results with this tracing paper. However, drawing copy accuracy may be impacted by the paper shrinking or stretching in high processing temperatures. It is advisable, then, if you need your copies of drawings to be dimensionally accurate, to look to our plain paper copier film that has been designed to stand up to heightened temperatures.

As an (almost!) final note, we also take great care when packaging our tracing paper to ensure it arrives at its destination safely. For example, our cut sheets always stay flat, instead of being rolled or folded, so you really can expect your Prizma Graphics order to turn up at your site in pristine condition.

Do you have any further questions about our tracing paper or other in-stock wide-format media here at Prizma Graphics? Whatever your query may be, we are happy for you to enquire to our team, who can help make sure you only purchase the ideal product for your needs; simply call 01296 393700 now to talk to our friendly and professional experts.



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