Launching a Temporary Staffing Agency

If you're looking to start your own healthcare business, a temporary staffing agency is a great option. Your company could play an integral role in providing the industry with qualified healthcare workers and ensuring the best standards of care for every patient.


For our monthly Care Agency Media, we've put together an informative guide that should help you determine if a temporary staffing business is right for you.


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There is a growing demand for private healthcare businesses requiring workers, and with an ongoing shortage of workers in the public healthcare sector, there has never been a better time to launch your business. According to an article in The BMJ: An article in The BMJ says:


Staff absences due to Covid-19 are continuing to place acute hospital services under major pressure, medical leaders told The BMJ. Official data shows that around 70,000 hospital trust staff in England were absent from work in the week ending 30th January. And 28,000 (40%) of these absences were off because of Covid-19.

A staff shortage can lead to having to cancel service provision, being unable to comply with regulations and the failure to meet expectations and service standards. That is why staffing agencies are so crucial to the industry: Service providers need access to the right people at the right time.


Healthcare recruitment is a lucrative business as there’s always a demand to be met. If you implement steadfast, robust systems and attract quality workers and satisfy your clients' requirements, you'll have a very successful business.


 How to Identify Your Business Model


When you launch your business, it's vital to consider specialising in one or two specific areas. Trying to cover a variety of positions upon launching can cause stress and slow your business's progression. Staffing companies tend to focus on the provision of:


Nurses & midwives
Allied healthcare professionals
Homecare providers
Non-clinical staff
Interim care home manager 
Temporary staff


You can specialise in other areas as well. To begin to formulate an idea of your business, start by looking at the healthcare services within your region. What issues do you want to help with?


By developing a transparent business model, you can create a more precise business plan and a more effective marketing strategy.


Remaining Compliant


The healthcare industry is heavily regulated, so you will need to ensure systems are in place to protect yourself & the service providers you support. You need to have all the correct insurance, such as professional indemnity, employer's liability, and public liability. You must register with all the necessary organisation's, such as HMRC, Companies House and the NMC- if you're employing nurses.


You need a system to ensure DBS registration and right-to-work checks are correctly done when placing employees. If you recruit international workers, you check references, qualifications, right to work in the UK, ID and other important documentation.


As you'll be dealing with personal data, you must ensure compliance with the GDPR and data protection should be a priority.


Marketing Your Business


Once your business is registered and you've taken care of the logistics, you'll then need to market your services.

To get more clients you can set up a website, attend networking events, use social media, email, direct mail and register with relevant directories or portals.


In recruitment, you need to market yourself to two audiences - those looking for work and those looking for staff.  It's important for your marketing strategy to include both. You can learn more about our marketing services here.


Securing Contracts


Getting on an approved supplier list and securing contracts will help you create a regular workstream. There are several UK frameworks including:
NHS Scotland (Scotland)
NHS Wales (Wales – nurses only)
Collaborative Procurement Partnership (CPP) (England)
HealthTrust Europe (THE) (England)
Crown Commercial Services (CCS) (England)
Health & Social Care Northern Ireland (HSCNI)
Local Authorities 


Care Agency Media has all the tools, resources, and expertise to assist you with launching a successful and dynamic tempporary staffing business. See below for examples of how we can help:


Temporary Staffing Package 

Marketing Workshops 

Policies and Procedures  

Growing Your Care Business 


For details on how Care Agency Media can support you with starting your temporary staffing business, or for support with an existing business, please call us today on 0800 059 9908.


Temporary Employment Agencies are businesses that provide temporary staff to a variety of businesses and organisations. We can help you to set up your own healthcare agency. Care Agency Media offers a comprehensive package that will help you set up, build and grow a successful temporary staffing agency business. To know more, visit us now.

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