Some Tips For Figuring Out How Much Shredded Paper You Need

Trying to suss out the most suitable amount of shredded paper for a particular gift package can feel like a riddle at times. And the fact is, figuring out how much shredded paper your given package requires is always going to be an inexact science. 

There are, though, still some relatively foolproof ways to determine the amount of shredded paper packaging you’re likely to need for your latest item – such as those detailed below.

Have a look at our size guide 

Do you need shredded paper for a small or large packet, or perhaps a small, medium-sized, large or even extra-large box? Of course, you will probably need some measurements from us to figure out exactly what we mean by terms like “small”, “medium-sized” and “large”.

Fortunately, you can see such measurements listed in our size guide for shredded paper packaging. Just click through to see them – and details of how many grams of shredded paper you would generally need for each of the above-mentioned sizes of packet or box. 

What exactly will you pack? 

The word “generally” in the previous paragraph is an important one to emphasise, as you might need more or less shredded paper depending on what the paper will be protecting.  

For example, while you might not need very much shredded paper for clothing items like socks and scarves on account of how light they are, you would need more protection for something heavy, such as watch. Therefore, you would require more shredded paper to cushion it.

The size of the gift relative to the box or packet is relevant, too. The more space the gift leaves in the container after being placed in it, the more shredded paper you should put inside to ensure the best possible protection. 

It’s better to order too much than too little 

If you’re still struggling to determine approximately how much shredded paper packaging you should source, it’s best to lean on the conservative side. In other words, it’s better to end up with more than you need, than less – for several reasons.

One is that, naturally, you wouldn’t have to place a second order for shredded paper just to meet the bare minimum. Another reason is that, as the shredded paper we sell is recyclable and biodegradable, its environmental impact would be low even if some of the paper is left unused.

However, as our shredded paper packaging has been made to be reusable, you may indeed find a fresh purpose for it later down the line – for example, when you have another gift to pack. 

If you need a quantity of shredded paper that is not listed in our size guide, please contact us. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to browse our store to discover the full breadth of coloured and kraft shredded paper packaging options we can bring you – whatever use for it you may have in mind!

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