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The forum reply, written by Aggrend buy WoTLK Gold, a WoW Classic producer who goes by the name Aggrend on WoW's official WoW community council forum, dives deep into how Blizzard tackles free character transfers servers, server merges, and more. According to Aggrend, it's a complicated issue without a "silver bullet" solution, stating"Understanding that "player spread across the realms of WoW is one of the most difficult issues, if not the most complicated issues that WoW Classic faces."

"There's no definitive answer to this problem because different people would like different things and lots of apparently obvious solutions come with non-obvious implications," Aggrend writes.

Server imbalances are not new and are not a new phenomenon in Burning Crusade Classic or WoW Classic. There has been a long-running debate concerning certain servers in old-fashioned MMORPGs being populated by nearly 90 percent Horde players or and vice versa. Sometimes, when a server seems to be controlled by a particular faction, guilds belonging to the other side instead of continuing to struggle, make a payment to transfer to a server that has greater balance of population. This is particularly important in PvP servers where a healthy battle between factions is essential to the server's popularity.

Aggrend then gives an example of how the effort to "fix" issues specific to certain group of players related to balance on servers could accidentally harm the experience of many players, rather than benefiting. He writes to imagine the scenario that one PvP server is home to a group which is 40% Alliance and 60 percent Horde buy WoW WoTLK Classic Gold. While most players would be happy, a subset of Alliance players aren't thrilled about being outnumbered. Were Blizzard to permit transfer of characters for free on this realm, the unsatisfied Alliance players would transfer to a server that has more balance in population. However, the downside would be that the server where they once resided could become an 85 percent Horde server which would make the experience more difficult to those who were comfortable with their previous balance.
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