1. The process of officiating is impossible.

LONG SNAPPER LOVE: As per the elder council Madden 23 coins that makes decisions on such things (or at the very least, some fancy stats by Pro Football Focus), the Eagles' John Dorenbos was the top long snapper in the Madden NFL 23 last season. Great job John!

Madden NFL 23 refs go back to work, and the substitutes go down in the history books

It's now official: The real refs are returning this week, and the agreement isn't the only thing that matters. The most important thing is that the most funnier incident of 2012 overand the entire nation of football fans can return to its normal routines of the day, such as the analysis of how Jay Cutler's physique is portrayed and hate for the Patriots.

Wasn't it fun even though it wasn't that great? With excellent refs, we're able to watch football for touchdowns, tackles, as well as beast mode running backs. But what happens when refs are bad? It's impossible to tell! Perhaps there'll be a terrible pass interference decision that alters the whole game and almost sparks a riot. Or maybe you'll see Bill Belichick losing on a questionable field goal and accosting an official. The replacements continued to one-up themselves until the final moment, when they misjudged a call in the most dramatic way possible. We'll remember the crazy month for decades.

1. The process of officiating is impossible. Nothing can make you appreciate old officials like watching the refs issue 200 pass interference penalties in one game , and then leaving out one or two important penalty that affects the entire game. God the replacements were awful. It was like cartoon bad. A never-ending blooper reel. It still seems like it was a clever game played by Roger Goodell. Just to see what happens if America will blink. And we did not! At buy mut 23 coins least after Week 1. But then ...
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