Hacks for a perfect topic introduction in a Research Paper

What is the first thing that you must plan when writing a research paper? The answer to this is the introduction. After the title page and the abstract, the reader of your research paper will be greeted by the introduction. This is the reason why you need to start off strong and make an impression. 

The introduction is a great opportunity to show the readers of your paper that your topic of research is interesting and worth reading. The introduction serves other purposes as well. The introduction gives an overview of your research and findings. The introduction also highlights the background of the study and builds a strong foundation for your paper. These points should help answer the question ‘What do I need to add to my introduction when I write my essay this term?’

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The following points will serve as ‘hacks’ when you are writing an introduction for your research paper. These hacks can be used for any research paper but will need some practice and effort from your end. If you still find it hard to write a proper introduction, then contact an essay writer online. They can guide you and clear your issues regarding other aspects of a research paper.


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  1. Start with a broad overview and then narrow it down. Your research paper will definitely be related to a specific research area. Your first action should be to give a brief description of the research area. After you are done, you can narrow the information down to what your topic is all about. This is a good hack to implement in your essays because it makes your essay understandable for broader audiences
  2. Highlight your aim and importance in your introduction. Most research papers get rejected because the introduction has no mention of the aim and importance. You must let the reader know what your research paper wants to achieve. The sentence can be as basic as ‘The aim of this research paper is.. ‘
  3. You do not need to overload your introduction with citations and references to previous studies, You should do that in the literature review section. The introduction should mostly be in your own words and requires only one or two outside sources.
  4. If you do end up using citations in your introduction, make sure to not use one citation over and over again. This gives a negative impression of you on the reader of your paper. The reader thinks that you lack the research skills required to write a proper introduction and research paper. Remember that before asking someone to write my paper for me try to do it yourself.
  5. Always state your research question or research hypothesis in the introduction. A hack for this is to put your hypothesis or question at the end of the introduction. This gives the reader an idea of what the research paper is going to be all about. Remember that the research question does not have to be formatted like a question. You can get away with phrasing it like a simple phrase as well.
  6. As mentioned before, the introduction should be an overview of the paper. The hack for giving an overview is breaking down the sections of your paper. You can use sentences like ‘In Section 3 we will look at the results of the study to give an overview of the paper. This will let your reader know what to expect
  7. Do not spend most of your word count on the introduction. A clever hack for this is to use 1000 words from your word count on the introduction. This will give you a chunk of your word to be used for the other sections like the methodology and results section. Those sections are the ones where most of the information is given. As discussed earlier you can also ask someone to 

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  8. When stating why your research is important, give evidence from outside sources. This adds an air of credibility to your overall research paper. But as mentioned before, do not overdo the citations in the introduction
  9. Do not go into much detail in your introduction. You need to grasp the reader’s attention with your introduction. Bombarding them with facts and information will make the reader not want to read any further. These facts and information are going to be discussed in detail in other sections of the paper so just mentioning them once in the introduction is fine
  10. Check if your institute has any specific requirements for the introduction section. Familiarizing yourself with the requirements can make the introduction writing portion of the paper very easy.

 Using these hacks and tips will definitely help you in writing a perfect introduction to your paper. If you feel like you are still not ready to write a perfect introduction, then get in touch with an essay writing service. The service will help you with whatever troubles you are facing. They will also guide you in writing other sections of the paper. 

One thing that we cannot stress enough is that your practice writing a proper introduction. Practice makes perfect, and this is true in this case as well. Once you write an introduction yourself, come back and see if you used all the hacks mentioned in this article. Also, check if you added something to the introduction that was not needed. 

This will take a few tries, but after a while, this will come naturally to you. You will be writing perfect introductions in no time. Once the introduction is done, you can start working on other sections of your research paper and make them great as well.

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