Structural Biology Selvita- Development Of Biologically Active Chemical Compounds

Department of Biochemistry has long-standing expertise in supporting development of biologically active chemical compounds for multiple pharmaceutical, agrochemical and biotech companies. Extensive know-how combined with highly skilled and goal-oriented scientists is a perfect combination enabling a successful execution of your project. 

Our services are dedicated to assist in multiple steps during the process of active compound development by providing high quality recombinant proteins and comprehensive structural information. Flexible pipelines employed by Selvita ensure efficient delivery of tailored protein products for various research purposes including crystallographic, biophysical, enzymatic or in vivo studies. Our X-ray services are designed to provide high-resolution structural information to support hit validation, hit-to-lead development and lead optimization in the most time/cost efficient manner. 

Recombinant Protein Production

Solid expertise of our scientific team with a broad range of target proteins make a strong basis for meeting Client expectations. Our offer includes: 

  • E.coli, insect and mammalian cells expression systems 
  • Customized production of target proteins on a mgs to tens of mgs scale 
  • Development and optimization of purification protocol to maximize the protein quality (typically >90-95% purity) 
  • Tailored protein products (g. tags, non-radioactive isotopic labelling – 15N, 13C, low-endotoxin levels) 
  • Standard Quality Control evaluating protein concentration, purity, stability, homogeneity and oligomeric status 
  • Detailed reports 

Macromolecular crystallography

Structural studies using X-ray crystallography are driven by a team with many years of international experience. Altogether, we have determined 200+ high-resolution structures and published 60+ research papers. Our services include: 

  • Screening of 1200+ crystallization conditions using a nanodispensing robotic system 
  • Optimization of initial hits, including, but not limited to, grid screening around the primary crystallization conditions and seeding approaches 
  • Secured access to synchrotron measurements across Europe 
  • X-ray data processing and analysis using XDS and CCP4 packages 
  • Structure determination using Molecular Replacement and Experimental Phasing 
  • Providing structures of protein-small molecule, protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid complexes 
  • Detailed reports 

NMR in Drug Discovery

  • NMR screening for FBDD
  • NMR for ligand receptor interactions


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