Animal Crossing: New Horizons players are preparing impressive farms in advance of the 2

New Horizons players were prompted to pick up their Switches once more and return to their islands by the game's major 2. People have a lot of work to do in order to prepare for New Horizons, as the islands have been abandoned for a long time following the intense moment of the mission. The most important thing to prepare for is the arrival of new crops such as potatoes, wheat, sugarcane, carrots, and tomatoes. These will take up valuable island space, but players appear to be eager to stock their islands with as many vegetables as possible.
Brewster will be setting up shop in Animal Crossing New Horizon


Although the Nov. It's not always the case, as you might expect:There are a lot of New Horizons players who simply enjoy building, and many of them have been doing similar work in preparation for the pumpkin update. However, the increased number of crops means that there will be even more reno.

Using silos, panels and booths to create the illusion of a massive red barn with a chicken coop outside, this project is truly remarkable.

Golden roses line the pathways leading to large-scale farming operations.
Mushrooms, pumpkins, flowers, and honeycombs that have fallen to the ground create impeccable vibes.

Naturally, players are creating their own customized veggie signposts to label their plots as well. This Reddit user was generous enough to share their creator code with the community, making it easy for others to find and download as well.

The release of a major new update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is scheduled for November 5. The premium update is available for purchase separately for $24.99, but players can also gain access to it through a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription service.

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