Business Recent Reviews

  • Gabriel Muller
    I go there 2-3 times a month, mainly when I need certain items in large quantities, such as food for my cat (Sheba) because they are almost half the price of what I would pay at Migros or Coop for ...
    5 hours, 31 minutes ago
  • Anna Mary
    I had a great experience at this hospital. The staff was friendly, attentive, and provided exceptional care.
    9 hours, 46 minutes ago
  • Sofia Miller
    They have a fantastic selection of dresses and are very professional and helpful.
    10 hours, 56 minutes ago
  • Orianne Bouchain
    Great pizza and lunch menu.
    16 hours, 8 minutes ago
  • Mike Smith
    It's conveniently located, but disappointing for the price. Our first room was not clean, so we were moved to another room. That room only had enough towels for one person and looked hastily clean...
    2 days, 15 hours ago