Idle Mining Empire- Best free time game


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  • February 15, 2022 - February 28, 2022 ((GMT-05:00) Eastern Time)
  • London
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  •  Do you like to do business to get rich and become a billionaire? If you want a working model of your idea then this game is for you. This is a game where you need to run and build a mining model. Yes, you are the tycoon and everything is done according to your will! You will quickly have a lot of money and become rich.
     In this fun special game you will be involved in mining. You are the manager who runs all the workers' activities at the mining site.
    You will really dig Idle Mining Empire! Start assembling your crew and get ready to break ground Idle Mining Empire! Everything needs to be done in a rhythm so that the production is at its highest efficiency! So you need to have the skills of directing the work!
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