Several characteristics of advanced love dolls


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  • First of all, never trust smart devices.

    In fact, you don't have to worry about it. You need to communicate more with celebrity sex dolls. How to wear and fix naturally (because the practice is perfect) is not only a good opportunity to exercise, but also the possibility of experiencing difficult use, bomb throwing, and stronger physical training.

    Judging from the current technical level of making lover dolls, the road to intelligence still has a long way to go. The material itself offers room for research and development, not to mention the combination with technical products.

    The only concern of the current lover factory: if you have really good friends, you have never met them in China.

    2. Voice: general intelligent voice, pressure-sensitive voice: most of the products are simple MP3 content embedded in third-party packages. By embedding a sensing chip, it can sense the emission intensity and play built-in audio.

    Third: heating: commonly known as intelligent heating: the principle is to wind the heating wire around the skeleton of the laboratory doll, and to give the silicone doll a function-based realization by blocking the heating wire.

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