What books are good and interesting to read?

I am having days that I study at home because the pandemic situation is quite complicated. I'm thinking of buying some good books to supplement my knowledge, do you guys have any good books? Please recommend some books that people feel impressed with!!!
Max Velin on January 18 at 07:04 AM in Other question
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I just finished to read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Excellent book for the knowledge.
Diana Liu on January 18 at 08:31 AM Edited
Editing companies are certainly a good thing. But we also need to develop ourselves and clean up more books. Remember that.
Mark Bartra on January 18 at 07:10 AM
I read all kinds of things. But mostly academic literature. Which helps me develop to some extent. I had problems with spelling for a long time. So when I had to do some writing and fill out some documents, I turned to an editing company. Where they corrected my grammatical errors and looked for plagiarism. I even had an Editage promo there and it was very convenient. Books need to be read wisely.
Agata Brown on January 18 at 07:07 AM