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After a while after startup, one of the cores of the processor is loaded to 100% and the program starts to hang terribly. I have the same thing, just hung up my computer. Is there any way to fix it?
Mark Bartra on January 22 at 03:07 AM in Other question
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Thank you for the information. Also as I know there are many torrent sites that support the magnetic links found on The Pirate Bay and other torrent sites, so choose the software whose interface suits you and your needs.
Max Velin on January 22 at 04:01 AM
This is strange because in recent versions of The Pirate Bay, the developers seem to have managed to get rid of this problem. Maybe you have one of the old versions. Some people keep them because they did not have ads. In this case it is better to update to the current version and the problem should, in theory, be solved.
Agata Brown on January 22 at 03:52 AM