What wheel size should I choose?

I have a Mercedes and I am worried about what size wheels to choose? 
Max Velin on January 30 at 02:35 PM in Other question
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To: Mark Bartra
I love all Brabus products. Quite expensive, but PERFECT quality.
Jim Davidson on February 03 at 09:07 AM
There really are a lot of parts and whatever you want. I hope there will be the same amount for this new car. After all, it is possible to make such assemblies. That the car will even look different.
Agata Brown on January 30 at 04:16 PM
The larger the rim diameter, the wider the tire. A larger rubber to asphalt contact surface provides better traction and handling of the car on the road. But it leads to higher fuel consumption at https://mercteil.com/brabus-wheels-and-tires. Bigger wheels also mean lower tire profiles - unfortunately, practice shows that driving on roads will be far from the expected comfort. But you have to choose good wheels.
Mark Bartra on January 30 at 03:47 PM