How to write a great first message in online dating?

Hi all. I understand that people are very different and everyone likes something different. But I'd still like some tips on how to write messages on online dating.
Max Velin on May 10 at 04:30 AM in Other question
2 Answer(s)
The first thing to understand is that the perfect first message on a dating app is a myth. People are very different, and you can't get someone's attention with one template and get the same amazing result every time.
Agata Brown on May 10 at 08:47 AM
You may have heard the advice to start with a cheeky line to provoke irritation or to relax the nerves a little. This kind of advice promises you that it will get them to respond, and even if their first response is not very pleasant, the important thing is to start a discussion. While this can sometimes work, this approach is still not appropriate for an introductory online dating message. It says a lot about how you like to treat people, and even if you make up for it later, the first expression is hard to forget. If you want more tips, check out and find something for yourself.
Mark Bartra on May 10 at 06:48 AM