What are the risks of recruiter illiteracy for business?

Guys enter recruiting with the belief that being a recruiter is about diligence and luck.

The result is that the average recruiter stubbornly "does something," occasionally hitting the target and getting bonuses for it, but rarely asks the question "is it bullshit?"
Agata Brown on May 11 at 03:35 AM in Other question
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The hiring process suffers. The recruiter is supposed to save you the trouble: you're in business - the specialist is in charge of recruiting people for the team. If the recruiter lacks competence - you have to supervise and fix fails. That's at best. At worst (and especially if there is no time to get involved in hiring), there is a chance that the wrong person will be hired, and ultimately the project will suffer losses. The end result is a loss of time/financials/nerve.
Max Velin on May 11 at 06:41 AM
First of all: if the recruiter represents the client, and he always does, he is the "first line" employee. That is, the person whom the potential candidate sees, hears, and reads first, before he gets to know the company. And this is where it helps to remember the parable of the pimply girl, who can ruin a business with a single word. So you need to go to a proven and reliable recruiting company like Boardsi so that their service is really helpful.
Mark Bartra on May 11 at 05:17 AM