Business at Amazon

Hi guys. I'm still thinking about starting a business on Amazon and getting an account there. A lot of famous entrepreneurs have already taken up this solution. So I decided to give it a try. What do you think, is it a good idea?
Max Velin on May 11 at 12:25 PM in Other question
2 Answer(s)
I couldn't agree more, because the most important factor in determining the right plan for each seller is the volume of sales on the Amazon platform. Even a rough forecast makes the choice more accurate.
Mark Bartra on May 12 at 04:08 AM
Sure, it's a good idea, but there are several decisions ahead of you. You will need to make important choices, namely amazon individual seller vs professional and what your actions will depend on going forward. So first, consider the pros and cons of one option and the other. And I would advise you to start with the volume of sales on the Amazon platform.
Agata Brown on May 11 at 03:22 PM