How do I find a cheater?

Hello all! Here's a question, how do I calculate a burglar? What are the main signs of cheating? I have suspicions that my girlfriend is cheating on me. I would like to be sure of this. Thanks in advance 
bossboja on August 03 at 12:51 PM in Other question
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I think if you feel that you are being cheated on, you probably are, because people very often feel threatened or betrayed. Ask him directly if he is cheating or not
mamarika on August 04 at 05:55 AM
Hi! It often happens that people get themselves wound up for no reason. They suspect things that aren't there. But if you find the following reasons:

He's hiding his phone or computer
He is more critical of you
He spends less time with you or other signs from this list , it is likely you really are cheating.
But there may be other reasons for this behavior. For example, your partner has a problem that he is not ready to tell you about or is afraid to do so. Or you yourself have turned away from your partner without noticing it.

In that case, you should talk to your partner. Ask him directly what's going on. The main thing is not to be aggressive, but to talk in a calm tone about the problems in the relationship.
ananasik777 on August 03 at 02:33 PM