Want to launch a private group, but wish to advertise it.

When we create a group which is private, people can't see the group publicly.
I would like to create a private group but allow people to see the group publicly. They could not join until I agree them to participate, but I would like that people see the group in the list of groups.
How may I do ?

Barbara Martin on November 01 at 03:59 PM in How to do something on Flokii
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I suppose that you don't want to have a public group to not allow anybody to read and see everything that people post, what I may understand in some situation.
When you create a private group, nobody will see such group publicly excepted if you advertise it on your profile or business page, or if you invite people by email, or otherwise, to become member of your group.
So, my suggestion would be to create 2 groups exactly the same. One which is public and one which is private.
When people join the public group, you may look at their profile if they seem interesting for your group and you invite them to join the private one.
In addition, you may even write on your public group, which will be seen by everybody, even by people who are not users of Flokii, the existence of the private group.
Hope it's helping you.
Arington Holdings S.A. on November 02 at 08:06 AM
Good idea!
on November 02 at 04:51 PM