overwatch help

hello. Friends can you help me to increase my gaming rank in overwatch? what tips can you share?
dasert on September 22 at 01:41 AM in Other question
2 Answer(s)
With a pretty sizeable cast that's already grown with the addition of Sojourn, you might not know where to start with picking characters. I think this shouldn't matter too much, so long as you bear in mind that it will likely take a few hours to get used to a character fully. Or better to apply for help to  overboost pro
taker on September 22 at 02:27 AM
Both while you're waiting for a game and at any other time you can hop into a practice range full of slow-moving robots to try out any character's full moveset if you want to, and we think this is a must for most new or returning players
gred44 on September 22 at 02:07 AM