Can anyone advise on inexpensive hotel reservations in Miami?

My sister is getting married very soon and I need to find a cheap hotel in Miami, but I can't find anything budget(
Can anyone advise on inexpensive hotel reservations in Miami?
Namibu69 on October 14 at 12:42 PM in Other question
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I really like to go to Miami, it has a very nice atmosphere for me personally, it's very special.
I was in Miami and I was very happy there.
KventinAvagaro on October 18 at 11:12 AM
Last year I was also at a wedding in Miami, my friend and I went there for 5 days.
Before the trip, we argued for a long time and couldn't decide on a hotel that would be suitable for both of us.
So we decided to ask our acquaintances since they go there much more often than we do.
They were advised to look at best place to book hotels reddit.
And there we finally found the right option for us both in terms of price and comfort.
ValentinDerkovsky on October 18 at 09:52 AM
Parkway Inn Airport Motel Miami - close the airport and not expensive. It's not a five star place, but rooms are big. In your question, the number of stars were not, it's a 2.5 stars. If you wish something more rated (3, 4 or 5 stars), contact me, I have plenty of nice deals.
Richard Jones on October 16 at 06:28 PM