What should I do if I can't sleep because of my feet?

Hello. I am generally a person who pays little attention to anything in this life, and when I constantly want to move my leg, it doesn't really bother me. I'm generally an active person, and really, I wouldn't care about it if it didn't interfere with my sleep. I'm really sick of going to sleep for a couple of hours because my leg keeps tingling and wanting to move it. This is not normal,
I think, and I want to know more about this problem.
Artodont on October 21 at 04:06 AM in Other question
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You know, when any kind of problem happens, it's not normal anymore, and even if you don't particularly care about it, chances are the problem is going to develop. So I can tell you that you shouldn't be cautioned by this, and if you can't sleep, you really need to deal with this problem very quickly. I've heard that there's a chance that I seem to develop symptoms after a person starts taking new medication, you may want to think about that.
Donald Stanley on October 21 at 06:28 AM
I don't understand what the problem is with seeing a specialist. And in general it seems to me that the problem is in the nerves and you need some means to calm the nerves I and my friends had similar problems not with the legs, but, for example, with other parts of the body. Is it really anything, uh, what is the right treatment or just I do not know what to do.
Param on October 21 at 08:20 AM
My father also had this problem, he was suffering for a long time, but at the same time he went to the doctor for a long time and had treatment. He took a lot of tests to find out what was wrong and when he did, the treatment was great. So maybe you should also go to a specialist to look deeper into your problem and cure it completely. Since this one could really be a serious nerve problem. As the commenter above wrote.
Deniel on October 21 at 10:01 AM
Friends, all I want to say is that your problem is very similar to restless legs syndrome. Yes, it's not just a temporary phenomenon, it's a whole syndrome that's ruining your life, because you can't get enough rest and sleep. Judging by your symptoms, it is when you are not active, and when you are active, you don't feel anything like that. It's 90% restless legs syndrome. I even without being a doctor already understand it, because almost all symptoms are similar and the tingling in your legs that you mentioned are also part of this syndrome. It is a very unpleasant disease which is worth fighting and first of all you have to find out what has changed in your life and after what it started? Because mostly this syndrome manifests itself precisely when you have some changes in your life, when you start to lead a new lifestyle, when you take new medications or the like. Also, if you're a woman, you're more prone to this syndrome, and here it can already arise from some other problems. So for your sake I even went on the Internet and read up on this syndrome and it can be treated on its own. All the information I searched can be characterized, and all this characterization is here https://gojourney.app/restless-legs-syndrome/ . Of all the Things I've read, this is the most informative article that well contains a lot of information in one place.

Well, and you, I just want to wish you a quick resolution to this problem and, of course, feel awake and cheerful.
Frediaon on October 21 at 10:47 AM