Can't believe what Slope 2 did

Slope 2 was born when countless other entertainments were developing strongly. But there is one thing that we all can't imagine when a classic game like Slope 2 has a strong foothold is the choice of so many people who open their computers just to run on that road.
The principle of Slope 2 remains the same - you still control the ball rolling rapidly forward along the track, surrounded by a three-dimensional but extremely drawn city landscape. The simplicity of Slope 2's graphics shouldn't bother you - the programmers just wanted to make this toy run even on weak devices, especially since players still don't have time to be distracted. mind by the scene. Like the driver of a car, you won't have time to admire your surroundings if you want to be successful.
AhdElizabeth on November 16 at 10:07 PM in How to do something on Flokii
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