Features of Eve Ng Juniper

Juniper offers a range of virtualized "hands-on" lab services to educate our partners, clients, and other interested parties on the functionality of Juniper's products and solutions. These eve ng juniper services are intended for external audiences who might wish to research new products or solutions, certain technologies or product capabilities, or who want to test new configurations or incremental features on top of systems that they have already put in place.

Every lab service is powered by the eve ng internet access Platform, which ensures consistency in the user experience and how services can be utilised or exploited across services. If authorised users are looking for the standarddemonstration and sandbox functionality, they can access the service.

With the help of pre-configured routing, switching, and security topologies offered by Juniper vLabs, you may test out Juniper technologies. vLabs offers free public access. Typically, Juniper's technical documentation can be used to access it, enhancing the learning experience with "hands-on" capabilities.

You can access a virtualized test environment where you can replicate and validate your organization's designs, topologies, protocols, or network services before deployment to lower the risk of network outages or downtime with the help of the Cloud Customer Certification Lab (Cloud CCL), a reimbursable Testing as a Service (TaaS) offering.

Try Contrail and AppFormix: The recently released Try Contrail and sandbox offerings are available to qualified 3rd Parties and exploring a variety of use scenarios. Parties must register in order to secure a 12- or 24-hour time block.

In order to help audiences fully grasp the potential of the Juniper solutions, hands-on lab exercises will be employed in  Network and Skills Transformation Programmes, whether they be Learning Series sessions or the various  Programmes. The programmes create programmable and automated network solutions.

In light of today's contemporary, distributed workforce, organisations must sustain remote users' connectivity and productivity while ensuring business continuity and security. Organisations must provide endpoint protection as part of a comprehensive and linked security policy.

Why use eve ng internet access

Using Juniper Secure Connect, a client-based SSL-VPN software, you can securely connect to and access secured resources on your network. You can quickly build dynamic, changeable connectivity from devices that are located all over the world with the help of this programme.

Juniper Secure Connect is a user-friendly GUI-based solution that allows for the establishment of a secure VPN tunnel. Juniper Secure Connect uses a user's credentials, such as their user name and password, to confirm their identity. After successfully authenticating, remote users can use the Juniper Secure Connect programme to establish a secure VPN connection. Juniper Secure Connect automatically recognises the communication path to provide you with the optimum connectivity. All essential configurations are immediately downloaded upon your joining through a secure and encrypted channel.

Benefits of Juniper Secure Connect

VPN enables remote access that is secure from any location

a user-friendly interface

Before you can finish setting up the Juniper Secure Connect programme, your system administrator must first configure remote access on the Series device. All required configurations are immediately downloaded when you use the Juniper Secure Connect software to connect to the SRX Series device after configuring remote access.


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