but LeBron was secretly having fun, and he could surpass Jordan again

On August 12, Beijing time, NBA Commissioner https://www.uteamsshop.com/Adam Silver brought a heavy decision that the league will retire Bill Russell's legendary No. 6. Permanent memory of one of the greatest athletes in NBA history, the Lord of the Rings. So what about the players who wear No. 6 next season, especially LeBron? In fact, there is no need to worry about this at all, because James has become the biggest winner again through this incident. No one is happier than him to see Russell's jersey retired, because with the retirement of Russell's jersey, the Heat officially has Announced in advance a decision they had hidden for a long time, James' No. 6 jersey will also be sealed over the American Airlines Arena. First of all, after this news came, what about Russell's jersey, what about those who have retired 30 teams and now wear the No. 6 jersey?https://www.tteamsshop.com/ The league's argument is this, that is, these people can continue to wear No. 6 until you stop wearing it and retire, and newcomers can no longer choose this No. 6 jersey. But there are people who wear No. 6 and have had great success with other teams, like LeBron. His No. 6 is an unparalleled achievement for the Heat, two championships and two Finals FMVPs. From the perspective of the honors, James is the first person in the Heat team, although Wade won the three championships for the Heat. , but Wade has two championships and is not dominant, James is the one who dominates the Heat to win the championship. But after he decided to leave the Heat, his No. 6 jersey has been questioned whether he will retire? In terms of contribution, if Durant can retire his jersey with the Warriors, James will definitely be able to retire his jersey with the Heat. After all, after James left, he didn’t have such a stiff and break with the Heat. All kinds of scolding the former teammates of the Warriors, but the Heat never made a statement, because James and Pat Riley did have a good time at the time, but now with the incident of Russell's jersey retirement, this issue has been raised again. The whole league has retired No. 6, and the Heat will also retire their No. 6, so the No. 6 should be returned to James or to Russell? The Heat must have a positive statement. But now taking this opportunity, the Heat finally gave their clear attitude. Retiring Russell's No. 6 will not affect the retired James' No. 6. No. 6 will be retired twice, which means that James's No. 6 will be retired twice. This retired jersey is completely stable. In fact, people have long speculated about this, because since James left the mission in 2014, the Heat have replaced so many people in the past 8 years, but no one has worn this No. 6 jersey, and it must be high-level followers. https://www.uteamsshop.com/They have said that No. 6 has a special meaning and may have been reserved for James at the time, but there has always been a lack of a positive statement. Now with the Russell incident, the Heat are no longer hiding, and finally announced that this No. 6 was reserved for James, so LeBron would have broken the handle when he surpassed Jordan. Because Jordan has only retired the No. 23 jersey in two teams in his career, one is the Bulls and the other is the Heat. The Heat retired his No. 23 jersey to commemorate Jordan's departure. But now James is completely locked, and he will be able to retire his jerseys on three teams. If the Heat's No. 6 is announced to retire from him, then his three retired jerseys are stable. Would the Cavaliers dare not give them? Does he retire his jersey? Gilbert's house will probably be burned if he doesn't retire. He is the greatest athlete in the history of the Cavaliers. Can the Lakers' No. 23 not retire this James? It's impossible. James contributed a championship and helped the Lakers reach 17 championships, officially tying the Celtics for the first place in history. https://www.tteamsshop.com/The second and first are only one championship away. You said no. retreat? In fact, James is just short of the Heat’s statement. As soon as this statement came out, he locked in three different teams to retire three jerseys, surpassing Jordan, who retired from two teams, and can officially be crowned the first person in history.
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