How Eve NG Juniper is very Beneficial

A cloud-based lab environment called eve ng juniper enables anyone to test out features and products whenever they want, risk-free, and for nothing! With a membership, it provides pre-built, virtualized network topologies that can be used immediately or scheduled in advance.

Our goal is to make eve ng nexus 9k simpler for you to interact with our goods. Another scenario is that you have Juniper equipment installed in your network and would like to make certain changes, but you are unable to do so since your business lacks a test lab. In both situations, eve ng juniper is the ideal solution to get you on the equipment.

How to begin a lab:

Verify that your lab has specified the appropriate image version for each node.

Use the sidebar/More Options

Launch each sidebar, lab, and workbook.

What services and goods are provided?

Numerous products from Juniper Labs are currently available for testing, including:

Network management, telemetry, and analytics: HealthBot, Contrail Enterprise Multicloud, NorthStar Controller, Security Director, and Connectivity Services Director Virtualized Junos.

What topologies are available?

Additionally included in Juniper Labs are a variety of pre-built topologies, including:

Switching and Routing Security Automation

management of a network, and analytics

Where do I begin?

Go to to access the lab’s home page.

Watch the overview video to become familiar with the Labs

You can get started after logging in!

You can securely connect to and access secured resources on your network using eve ng juniper, a client-based SSL-VPN program. With the aid of this program, you may easily establish dynamic, adjustable connectivity from devices located all over the world.

A secure VPN tunnel can be created using Juniper Connect, an intuitive GUI-based product. A user's identity is verified by Juniper Secure Connect using their credentials, such as their username and password. After successfully authenticating, all the remote users can create a secure VPN connection. To give you the best connectivity, it automatically detects the connectivity path. When you join, all necessary configurations are instantly downloaded via a secure and encrypted channel.


VPN for secure remote access from any location

a simple user interface

Your system administrator must first set up remote access on the device before you can finish configuring the application. All necessary configurations are downloaded immediately soon when you connect to the Series device using the program after configuring from the remote access.

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