Boris Johnson funny moments: Peppa Pig World and other bloopers the PM endured

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Boris Johnson funny moments: We all know Boris's funniest moments, from the speeches, the rugby tackle and offering reporters tea and blue passports, but 2021 was an especially tricky year for the Prime Minister. From bizarre references to Peppa Pig World to the endless handshake with Nancy Pelosi and THAT incident with the umbrella, the attempts of England’s Prime Minister to navigate the complexities of 2021 may have been a bit awkward - but they sure were funny to watch. Here’s a look back at all the funny, strange and sometimes cringeworthy moments Boris Johnson endured this year….

00:00 Boris Johnson asking about Covid-19
00:10 Prime Minister Boris Johnson Covid-19 drug speech
00:40 Boris Johnson struggles with umbrella in front of Prince Charles
01:18 Prime Minister and Rishi Sunak visit a brewery
01:45 Boris Johnson's art and paintings
03:11 Boris Johnson Peppa Pig World speech
03:40 Prime Minister on President Joe Biden
03:56 UK - France relationship
04:23 Boris and Nancy Pelosi share extra-long handshake
04:34 Boris's OJ Simpson remark
05:09 Boris Johnson talking about tea
06:24 Boris Johnson's rugby tackle
06:44 Boris Johnson Cop26 speech
07:34 Boris loses his place in speech
08:04 Boris Johnson asked about his hair

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