Achieve Instant Team Communications with The Power of NOW

One button. That is all it takes to connect your teams across your networks and devices — from two-way radios to smartphones, laptops and tablets. Discover The Power of NOW from Motorola Solutions Team Communications.

Making Team Communications Instant When It Matters Most. Realize The Power of NOW:

00:05 Enter the NOW Generation. NOW is when your customers expect it ... when those you serve want it ... when your teams unify — to do their jobs better, faster, and smarter.

00:20 Some devices and software you use might be Next Generation, but if they’re not NOW Generation, they're costing you productivity, performance and profitability.

00:28 Today, The Power of NOW can be added on all devices ... across your entire network.

00:37 Then, instead of a patchwork of communications options, you’ll reach the right people ... right NOW ... at the press of a button. One button. One conversation. One split second away from... assembling ... mobilizing ... executing ... and uniting. Just Push-to-Communicate.

00:49 The Power of NOW means operating at the speed of business ... to meet the demands of real time communications and collaboration. Because if you’re not in touch this second, you’re out of touch.

00:59 All the precious seconds that tick away while waiting for ringing, paging, texting, emailing and voice-mailing isn’t now, it’s later. And it’s costing time and money.

01:11 When there’s an oil leak, an equipment problem, a delivery issue or a can’t wait emergency, being out of communication is being out of action. And when communication is slow, business slows.

01:25 Communicate instantly. Collaborate immediately.

01:30 That’s the Power of NOW. Join the NOW Generation.

01:32 Team Communications is the Power of NOW.

01:35 Only from Motorola Solutions.
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