The Last Day at Bove's Cafe: Trailer

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WHAT HAPPENS ON THE DAY a neighborhood's cultural institution opens for the final time? How did it become so beloved? How do people treasure their memories without becoming stuck in the past?

Bove's Cafe was run by three generations of the same family, in the same place, in the same way, for close to three-quarters of a century. During that time students rubbed elbows with senators in a small room packed with worn vinyl booths and chrome-edged tables, warding off cold Vermont nights with steaming helpings of pasta, meatballs and hearty garlic-laden tomato sauce at affordable prices. It served as a community crossroads, an anchor for young people in need of hand up, and a harbor of comfort and familiarity in a hectic world.

And then one day, change came.

"The Last Day of Bove's Cafe" celebrates the history of a special small restaurant run by a special family, examines the nature of emotional attachment to public spaces, and serves as a document of a place where the values of an earlier time survived into the modern world.
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