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When I first started with Dr. Ivanov's office, I had gaps all along the front side of my teeth and I wasn't really the most confident person in terms of smiling, in terms of, you know, every time I laugh, I be looking down.

So people never really saw, you know, Jason and I was never able to really express my personality as much as I want to come up. I think I'm a funny guy and I like talking a lot as you can see. So, I really wanted to make sure my gaps, you know, closed out and I could have the confidence. So, you know, look people in the eye and smile and laugh and do all the things that I enjoy doing.

My experience here, it was my first time orthodontic treatment and my experience here was that, you know, it was kind, it was gentle, it was painless.

A lot of people describe braces as this painful experience, but for me, I've was never really in any serious pain. It was always, you know, very easy transition in the sense and the gap started closing, I mean, so early, so soon, and I was really surprised at how fast, you know, how much progress I was making so quickly.

So, you know, the gaps closing my overbite got a lot smaller as well. So that's probably the most improvement I've seen in my smile. What made me most happiest was on how kind everybody is when I walked in, everybody was smiling, everybody was kind, everybody remembered my name after the first day, which was really cool and you don't get that at a lot of different offices.

Every time I walk in either Stephanie's here, Kimberly, doctor, everybody greets me at the door and everybody's smiling and kind to me and you don't get that a lot in, you know, waiting rooms and everything. You know, everybody here is so warm and inviting, which is really nice. I love doctor,

Dr. Ivanov is one of the kindest gentlest doctors I've ever met. I mean, he shows so much attention to detail to my smile and he's so invested in my progress and you don't get that in a lot of doctor offices, you don't get that in a lot of different places and Ivanov office always since day one, been invested in making sure that my smile is where I want it to be. I'm very impressed with how neat the office is.

The presentation at the office has a very modern vibe to it, it's very clean and very, you know, technologically advanced too, with all the equipment they have. It's very spacious too. It's one of the, you know, waiting rooms that you don't mind waiting honestly, I can wait here all day.

What exceeded my expectation was the fact that everybody, how kind and gentle, why wasn't, how knowledgeable the whole staff was. It's one of those things where, you know, you're taking it back with how much attention to detail everybody pays to your smile and everybody's so invested in your progress and that's one of the thing that just blew my mind and how Ivanov was just able to come in, see my teeth, see what was wrong and see where to fix it and put me on the right treatment plan.

This office is like no other office I've ever been to. This office is kind, this office is warm, this office is very, very neat and everybody in here is very in sync with each other and the whole team is just so in sync and invested in each of their patients and the attention to detail and care. And time they take with me is second to none.

I recommend IVANOV to everyone, friends, family, anybody that has, you know, spaces in the teeth gaps in her smile, overbites, he's the man.
I would say you're in the right hands.

I would say, if you wanted to come to IVANOV Orthodontics, you're in the right hands, you're in the right place and if you're serious about getting your braces done and having that smile and that confidence, when you look at up people, when they see your teeth, you know, this is the place to go, this is where you want to be.

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