So the panic is setting in, it’s only a few weeks until Christmas and you’re stumped on what to get the foodie in your life. 

There’s only so many hot sauces, spice kits and cheese hampers one person can take - and nobody wants a duplicate gift! 

What if we told you there’s a new gadget on the market, specifically designed to impress the home chef in your life. 

You may have heard of wood chip smokers, or even stumbled onto this article because you’re researching which wood smoker to choose for your loved one. Wood chip smokers are great, and they have been the staple of many households for years, allowing you to add a smoky flavour to everything your heart desires! But if you have used one before, you’ll also know with how fiddly they are. Everybody wants the smoked results without fumbling around with wood chips and flames, and don’t even get us started on the smoky residue that gets left behind on glassware and plates! Nobody wants to be scrubbing dishes for the rest of the evening, and we all know leaving it to soak means a sink full of dishes for three days (we’re not judging, we do it too).

What if we told you there was an easier option? 

*cue the spotlight and angels singing*

This is where we come in. 

We were tired of using open flames and spilling wood chips, and who’s got space in their cupboard for the ridiculous array of attachments for a wood smoker? We wanted to create something that was nifty, handheld and USB powered, simply pull the trigger and you’ve got smoke on demand. Rather than burning wood chips, we found a cleaner alternative, using aroma liquids instead! Simply fill up one of our insertable tanks with your chosen aroma and off you go.

We hated being limited to smoke scents, as there are so many amazing scents out there in the world just waiting to be explored, so we didn’t stop there. We now have over 20 aromas to choose from including truffle, rosemary, citrus, lychee, bubblegum, coconut and vanilla! Just like a smoking gun, our aroma gun can be used on both food and drink, hot and cold, so you can infuse extra flavour wherever you need it! And because it’s not created by burning anything, there’s no clingy residue on your tableware - once the smoke clears, there’s no scent left behind. 

The science behind using scent to garnish food is that your taste buds are heavily influenced by smell, so if you enjoy our aroma whilst consuming food, you will be able to taste what you’re smelling without adding any extra ingredients! It’s not magic, it’s science! 

Our aroma gun is called Flavour Blaster, and you may be familiar with our work - we’re famous for the aroma filled bubbles that you see on top of food and cocktails in restaurants, bars and hotels around the world! Not only can you use our Blaster like a smoking gun, you can also make cool burstable bubbles with it, to level up your garnishes! 

Whether you choose to use a cloche, bubble or just go wild with your aroma, we have plenty of accessories and models to suit everybody’s needs. Our Blaster comes in two sizes, our Pro 2 model and our MINI model. Our Pro 2 model is our top of the range, professional edition which is more powerful, faster and larger. If you’re looking for something more budget friendly, our MINI option is a great gifting option! The MINI comes in a range of colours including Ruby Red, Aqua Menthe, Blush Pink and Proton Purple, and is not much bigger than an Iphone, so perfect for displaying on your countertops without getting in the way or tucking away on a shelf when not in use. Both Pro and MINI kits come with everything you need to get started, including some starter aromas, tanks and bubble mix. The MINI kit provides enough aroma for 500 scented bubbles/clouds, and the Pro Kit will give you 1250! 

If a Flavour Blaster isn’t within your budget for Christmas this year, why not check out our glassware range? It’s the perfect stocking filler, and we have something for everybody! 




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