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404 N Garnett St, Henderson, NC 27536, USA
At Bail Bonds By Angee, based in Henderson, we are a trusted and reliable service provider in the bail bonds industry since 2008. Our expert team specializes in 24-hour bail bonds and is on call anytime to assist with your needs. Provision of expert bonding advice is among our key services, allowing our clientele to navigate smoothly through the complexities of the bonding process. Assisting other bondsmen, jail bonds, and tracking are also comprehensive services we offer, making us a top choice for bail bonds solutions within the region. Visit our website at or give us a call at (252) 213-6711 for quick assistance.

What sets us apart in the bail bonds industry is our unwavering commitment to the clients, our discretion and speedy response, and our wide range of services. Our substantial experience in the industry, coupled with our strong knowledge base, ensures that we can manage any situation effectively and efficiently, and are always ready to respond to the needs of our clients at their convenience.

Don't delay, call Bail Bonds By Angee today. Let us take the stress out of the bail bonding process for you. Our dedicated team is ready with bonding advice and assistance in Henderson and beyond, 24 hours a day.