NowCM Joins Forces With Secure™ For Bank-Grade Security

NowCM, a leading provider of digital solutions for primary debt capital markets, has partnered with WithSecure™ to enhance its primary capital markets platform with advanced, bank-grade cybersecurity defenses. With the financial industry being a prime target for cyber threats, this collaboration underscores NowCM's commitment to robust cybersecurity practices. The partnership includes the appointment of Ondrej Doubek, an experienced Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) from WithSecure™, to strengthen NowCM's cybersecurity posture. This strategic move aligns with NowCM's long-term goal of becoming a global leader in bond issuance and data. The company's CEO, Robert Koller, emphasizes their commitment to maintaining institutional-grade standards and staying ahead in the dynamic field of cybersecurity. The collaboration reflects NowCM's proactive stance in addressing evolving cyber threats, positioning it as a major player in financial markets infrastructure within primary debt capital markets.


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Posted in News blogs on January 25 at 04:50 AM

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