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Not all cleaning jobs are the same, for the simple reason that not all properties, and the circumstances in which they may need to be cleaned, are the same. 

Consider, for example, when a site or property for which you are responsible may have been subject to extensive construction or renovation work. Building projects can end up leaving a lot of mess behind after they have been completed. 

This is why you are likely to be appreciative of the services of expert cleaners who can help you get rid of any debris or dirt remaining on your premises once a construction or renovation project is done. 

What is the aim of a builders clean?  

Unlike a normal cleaning service, builders cleans are designed to make sure a site where construction or renovation has taken place is entirely spotless after the project’s completion. 

Construction sites need to have all remaining debris cleaned away before they can take on their new uses. This means any building remains, rubble, garbage and waste must be removed from the premises. 

Essentially, builders cleans will make sure the given site or property looks so immaculate, any observer who then walks onto the premises would be hard-pressed to imagine it had recently been subject to construction or renovation work. 

What do our builders cleans focus on? 

If you think you require an in-depth clean of your property following a construction project, you should hire a professional cleaner to carry out a suitably professional-standard builders clean. 

These professional cleaners will focus on such vital tasks as: 

  • Vacuuming
  • Sweeping
  • Clearing any moisture that could cause mould
  • Dusting 
  • Throwing away debris or waste 
  • Pre-paintwork, our professional cleaning teams will clean all window frames and glass inside and outside, removing labels and protection (with great care not to scratch glass), and ensure windows and doors are opened and hinges are cleaned along with all surfaces that are visible when windows are opened, so everything is prepared in readiness for the final coat of paint, and that final Sparkle Clean, making sure everything is looking pristine for the new owners.

Why would I need builders cleans?

You will need a builders clean in order to ensure your property looks and feels as fresh and clean as it ought to look and feel, following extensive building work. 

Deep cleans – like those that we can provide here at Nationwide Property Clean – are there to make sure your hard work gets the recognition it deserves. If you fail to utilise a builders clean service, your final project may still look like a construction site, long after the actual necessary construction work has been completed.

What is even better about builders cleans is that hiring professional cleaners can save you a lot of time. You will be saved from needing to clean up the area yourself. Instead, you can feel confident about anyone entering and using the building, because you will know that the finished project will have had all of its mess and waste dealt with.

Nationwide Property Clean is here to help with builders cleans

If you are looking for a professional commercial cleaner in the UK, you should reach out to Nationwide Property Clean. Our team is equipped to work on a variety of different commercial properties, and will make sure that all health and safety regulations are complied with. 

That way, you can be sure that your property or commercial project will not have a trace of construction or renovation-related dust or debris left within it. 

Simply contact us today to find out more, and to request your free quote for a builders clean of a property anywhere in the UK. 




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