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Britons aren’t exactly strangers to the occasional – or slightly more-than-occasional – party, but it’s fair to say that big celebrations don’t exactly come more… well, regal, than a coronation. 


And with us not having had a coronation in the UK since way back in 1953 for the late Queen Elizabeth II, there’s ample excuse to mark the formal crowning of her son and successor, King Charles III, in a serious way. 


The coronation itself will take place on Saturday 6th May 2023 at Westminster Abbey, with the UK Government having confirmed that the following Monday 8th May will be a bank holiday.


So, what are some of the ways in which you and your household or business might be tempted to mark the coronation? If you’re stuck for ideas, take a look through our suggestions. 


Attend a street party or community event 


A familiar sight to many of us from the multiple Jubilees that took place during the late Queen’s reign, street parties seem irrevocably bound with all things royal in the UK, and that tradition looks set to continue holding strong in 2023. 


Various such celebratory events will be happening throughout the country over the coronation weekend, so be sure to keep a lookout online for information about those closest to you.


Partake in royal-themed party games 


There are so many ways in which you could give traditional, family-friendly games a suitably ‘regal’ touch for the coronation. 


What about swapping ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ for ‘pin the crown on the king’, or playing ‘royal bingo’ with your nearest and dearest, using members of the Royal Family instead of numbers?


Assemble a patriotic hamper or picnic basket


Who says that hampers are only for Christmas? For the coronation, you might like the idea of putting together a hamper containing various items with a ‘royal’ or patriotic vibe. Get creative with chocolates, cookies, cupcakes, wine, Champagne… and basically whatever comes to mind. 


Tie it all together with plenty of blue, red, and white colouring to evoke the Union Jack. Indeed, we can help you with that one here at Shredded-Paper.co.uk, as we have added to our existing range of colour mix shredded kraft paper a limited-edition ‘Great British/Coronation Mix’, in both straight-cut and zig-zag varieties. 


Throw yourself into arts and crafts projects 


We wrote recently on our blog that shredded paper can be great for a variety of artsy and craftsy projectssuch as the creation of spring wreaths and Easter baskets. So, why not do all of that, but with a royal touch for the coronation? 


Not all your coronation-themed arts and crafts activities need to involve our shredded kraft paper, of course. But whether you’re creating flags, crowns, banners, or something entirely different with the kids, our versatile papers could come in useful. 


Get everyone to dress for the occasion 


Whether it’s the little ones getting to dress as kings, queens, princes and princesses for the big weekend, or adults incorporating subtle (or not-so-subtle!) touches of red, white and blue into their outfits as they follow the coronation activities on the big screen or small screen, there’s lots of scope to have fun and get creative with this one. 


There you have it – some ideas to play with, to ensure you mark what could be a true once-in-a-lifetime historic event in the most resplendent and majestic style. 

And don’t forget that if you could do with some colour mix shredded kraft paper or any of our other high-quality shredded papers to help you mark the occasion, it’s all available in our online store, with the option offree delivery to most UK mainland postcodes. 


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