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  • Woodard Injury Law favorite
  • Not-for-Profit Business
  • 607 W Due West Avenue, Suite 95 Madison, TN 37115
  • (615) 715-8519
  • If you need a personal injury lawyer, I am the best lawyer for you. I built my firm for maximum client care. You talk with me when you call, not an employee or a machine. Oversized firms can’t provide this level of service. Undersized firms can’t provide the financial resources or experience to fight the billion dollar insurance companies. By focusing my practice on personal injury law in Tennessee since 2005, my firm has combined these three strengths: client care, financial resources, and experience. This blend of strengths is what makes my firm different from the rest. It’s what makes my firm the best firm for you.

    - Maximum Client Care

    - Financial Resources

    - Experience