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100 Daniel Dr, Webster, NY, USA
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(585) 872-1800
Welcome to Maplewood Nursing Home in Rochester, NY, where exceptional personalized care is at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is simple yet profound: to ensure your loved one enjoys the best life possible. We understand that this is not just a problem to solve but an opportunity to impact the lives of our residents and their families positively.

At Maplewood, we believe in the power of family and are thrilled to be fully open to visitors. We know that family means everything, so we welcome family members to visit their loved ones daily, either in the comfort of their private suites or in our living room-style lounges. We make it a priority to help you stay connected and engaged with your loved ones throughout their stay with us.

Speaking of private suites, every resident at Maplewood lives in a private suite with a private bathroom and generous living space. We understand the significance of a comfortable and safe living environment, and our facility design reflects that. This design offers dignity, privacy, and comfortable living while eliminating concerns about resident-to-resident contact that can arise in shared living quarters. Even if medical reasons require someone to be restricted to their room, residents continue to enjoy a beautiful living space, much like a hotel suite.

Our commitment to exceptional 24 hour skilled nursing care serving the Greater Rochester area extends to a wide range of services, including Long Term Care, Rehabilitation, and Palliative Care. Whatever the needs of our residents may be, we are here to provide the utmost care and support every day.

At Maplewood, we envision a world where every senior lives life to the fullest, and we work tirelessly to make that vision a reality. We take pride in witnessing the joy and relief on the faces of families when they discover the right solution for their loved ones' care.

Within our facility, you'll find cozy living room lounges where residents and visitors can spend quality time together. Our restaurant-style dining offers a delightful experience with meals prepared by skilled chefs, featuring top-quality ingredients, homemade desserts, and a full-service bar. We understand that good food is an essential source of comfort and enjoyment.

For those looking to pamper themselves a bit, our on-site Cut Above Salon provides hairdressing and barber services to help our residents look and feel their best. Maintaining personal well-being is an essential aspect of overall happiness.

At Maplewood Nursing Home, we are dedicated to providing our residents with the best possible care and comfort. Your loved one becomes a part of our extended family, and we strive to create a warm, supportive, and fulfilling environment for them to thrive. Thank you for considering Maplewood Nursing Home as the trusted choice for your loved one's care.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family into our compassionate community. Our nursing home facility is located in Webster, NY, a suburb of Rochester, NY.