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11850 Miramar Parkway, Miramar, FL, USA
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From coastal hot-spots and resorts to family amusement parks, public zoos and private tropical backyards retreats, we’ve helped business owners and homeowners from all over the world create exotic escapes and personal oases that are destinations within themselves.
Sustainably sourced from 15 different countries, our selection of tropical themed architectural materials bring romance, simplicity and natural luxury to our over complicated world. With bi-coastal US warehouses that allow us to ship products anywhere in the world quickly and affordably, our customers have rewarded the quality of service they receive with an 80% return buyer rate.
Each of Safari’s natural and synthetic thatch products and materials captures the soft, tranquil, unhurried ambiance that exists in places untouched by concrete and steel, internet access, and cellular phones. That is the reason Safari Thatch was created and why we live the journey each and every day.